Family Chiropractor Servicing the Box Hill Area

If you are experiencing pain or have musculoskeletal complaints, it is wise to book an appointment to see a chiropractor in Nunawading. Whether the pain has
arisen due to postural issues and daily wear and tear or as the result of an injury or accident, we are able to construct a customised healing
plan to get you back on track.


We deal with all spinal and skeletal conditions across the lifespan, giving you the chance to live a more fulfilling life.


Book an appointment if you display symptoms such as:


    • Reduced range of motion in your neck;
    • Headaches or fuzziness in your head;
    • Shoulders that are not at the same level as one another; or
    • Chronic pain that you can’t seem to get rid of


From the symptoms to the cause – our chiropractor team will handle it all

It doesn’t make sense to treat the symptoms. This is why, at Vitalchi Wellness Sanctuary, we make sure to treat the underlying cause of your
problems, to ensure they do not cause significant pain in the future. Although we may be able to give you quick relief from the pain, we also
set you on the course for a more long-term treatment plan.


We will focus on the whole spine, making it easier for your body’s electrical currents to flow through the nervous system. Any obstruction
in the spine can lead to problems down the track – it is our aim to ensure your body works as a cohesive whole.


Children’s chiropractor

We also have chiropractors who specialise in children’s practice. Children are unique in their ailments, and the treatment they need to feel
100% differs slightly to what makes adults feel better. With specialist pediatric chiropractors, you can ensure your kids are in capable hands,
and that their development will progress smoothly.


Book an appointment with our chiropractors in the Box Hill area

To book an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact our team of skilled professional chiropractors.
We can make it easier to get the comfort you desire and rid your body of pain, once and for all.