What is vitamin D deficiency?

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient your body needs to absorb calcium, promote cell growth and maintain a healthy immune system.

Expose to Ultraviolent (UV) Radiation from the sun is the most natural and effective way to produce vitamin D.

There are small amounts of vitamin D in fish, eggs and some dairy products but they are not enough on their own to produce a healthy level of the vitamin.

What causes vitamin D deficiency?

According to Australia-New Zealand guidelines it is recommended that there should be 50 nanomoles of vitamin D per litre of blood.

Vitamin D deficiency is most likely to affect you if you stay indoors often, have naturally dark skin, cover up your skin, are overweight or have health conditions or medicine that impact the absorption of the vitamin.

During summer most people can get the required amount within only 5-10 minutes of sun exposure. This can vary based on your location, skin colour and time of the year.

It is important to understand that although the sun is great at producing this essential vitamin, it’s not so great for your skin. You should avoid periods of the day where the UV is high and protect your skin from overexposure by wearing sunscreenprotective clothing and using a natural sunscreen.

What are the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency?

The most common signs of a vitamin D deficiency are:

  • excessive sweating
  • depression
  • aches and pains
  • osteoporosis
  • high blood pressure
  • fatigue
  • rickets (childhood disease causing soft bones).

What is the treatment for vitamin D deficiency?

At Vital Chi Wellness we want to get to the root cause of your vitamin D deficiency. One of our expert naturopaths will determine if you have any intolerances that are inhibiting your ability to absorb vitamin D effectively.

Once we have established the reason for the deficiency we will introduce nutritional supplementation in combination with lifestyle and diet changes to ensure that your vitamin D levels are healthy and sustained.

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