Holistic Care

We don’t just treat your symptoms but also identify the underlying cause of imbalance.

Individualised Health Care

We know that everyone is different. We create individual treatment plans that address your needs.

Preventative Approach

We focus on preventative measures to optimise your health and ensure your vitality is maintained.

On the spot Health Rebates on consultations

We take the hassle out of rebates by offering on the spot electronic claims.

Vital Chi Wellness,
Your Natural Therapy Centre

Getting you better and keeping you that way, naturally.

At Vital Chi, your health and wellbeing are our passion. If you have been living in chronic pain, with fatigue, stress, digestive or other complaints, then our highly skilled team of natural therapists can help.

Our Melbourne practitioners deliver a unified and uplifting treatment plan, utilising the power of natural therapies and science to boost your health, vitality, and wellness.

Our Services

Our Melbourne naturopath and wellness clinic in the heart of Blackburn offers a team of vibrant and experienced practitioners who work together to achieve effective long-term physical and mental wellbeing.

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Conditions Treated

We Utilise Natural Therapies To Help You Overcome These Conditions

Our practitioners are the best in their respective fields. They are well known and respected throughout Australia for their methodologies and research to treat the following:

Naturopathy Melbourne Clinic

We approach wellness holistically, offering symptomatic support, but more importantly, treating the underlying cause of the illness. We provide a range of services to help support your overall wellbeing and get you back to optimum physical and mental strength.

Perhaps you are overwhelmed, stressed or looking to create a more balanced and positive approach to life. Our highly qualified and experienced counsellors, naturopath, mindfulness and wellness coaches will work with you on your journey to health.

Our goal is to help you find purpose, increase your confidence, overcome obstacles, stress and anxiety so you can achieve success in your career, health, relationships and life.

Our Melbourne Naturopath and wellness clinic in Blackburn is proud to offer you a comprehensive range of natural therapy solutions under the one roof. Naturopath is key to our holistic health approach. It analyses imbalances of the mind and body to determine the cause of illness then provide treatment through non-invasive therapies, encouraging long-term wellness.

Have a look at our clients’ improved health stories, explore the free health information and see for yourself how natural therapy really is the best way to restore your health and wellbeing. Explore, enjoy, and we look forward to meeting you.

As a special service to our clients, Vital Chi Wellness is pleased to offer you a free 15-minute appointment with our experienced Melbourne practitioners so you can determine if natural medicine is right for you.

Contact our Melbourne Naturopath Blackburn clinic now on 03 9894 0014 to book in for your free consult with one of our experienced team members.

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Healing You Naturally

At Vital Chi Wellness we are passionate about healing you through holistic health. This means not just treating the symptoms of an ailments but identifying the underlying cause for any imbalances.

Your body is an amazing organism that has its own natural processes of healing. Instead of interfering with this we work in harmony with your body, respecting and supporting it with natural therapies.

At Vital Chi, we care about your wellbeing. Whether you are experiencing chronic pain, stress, fatigue or just want to improve your overall health, our highly qualified team are here to care for you.

Skype Consultations

We know it can be hard to juggle life. With work, school, children, balancing a social life and everything else that may go on, it is difficult to prioritise your health.

However, your health is important. At Vital Chi Wellness we offer skype consultations to fit into your busy schedule. We want to ensure you have access to quality advice, so you can begin your journey to restoring your health and vitality.

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