Welcome to a new and personalised approach to attaining your ideal weight, health and vitality!

Here at Vital Chi, it’s not about a one size fits all approach. We are all individuals with unique body’s, metabolisms, hormones, stresses, families and lifestyles. It doesn’t make sense to have one program for everyone. So here at Vital Chi, we work one on one with you, to ensure that we uncover the underlying causes which hinder your weight loss and work hand in hand to support you in achieving and sustaining your ideal weight and living the life full of energy and vitality that you desire.

Our Clinical Nutritionist and naturopath Lina Capovilla, will design a comprehensive practical program specifically for you to support you in attaining your ideal healthy weight.

No More Fad Diets

There are thousands of fad diets out there in the market place, companies which promise you instant weight loss, others which make you count every calorie you consume and others which make you purchase pre-made food. All of these fail to do ONE thing which is most important, ensure that the package they are providing you is RIGHT for YOU. They also don’t provide you with the information, knowledge and skills to help you to understand your own body or educate and support you to making life long changes ensuring you reach your healthy weight and maintain it. Lina focuses on working one on one to assess your current position not only in regards to weight, but also your overall health, to uncover any potential underlying factors which may be hindering you from losing weight and/or keeping it off.

In your initial 1 hour consultation, Lina will take a detailed case history, clarifying your diet, current health and lifestyle, stresses, family and work commitments, your sleeping patterns and various other factors which impact on your body’s ability to metabolize foods and maintain healthy weight.

Included in the initial consultation cost is a FREE 15 minute follow up consultation where she will conduct a range of free tests including a body impedance analysis (BIA), which will further explain any underlying imbalances in the body which may compromise weight loss.

The information gained from the initial consultation in combination with the free follow up tests, will clarify the priorities regarding your health, shaping the treatment plan formulated for you. Additional tests may be required if further clarification is necessary or if there is a potential imbalance which needs to be resolved. Issues such as thyroid, hormone or sugar imbalances may require investigation to ensure these are addressed.

Customised individual plan for YOU!

Working closely with you to ensure it is “doable”, Lina will formulate a specific treatment plan including dietary changes, potential lifestyle changes,nutritional supplementation, recipes and cooking information. You will be provided with a guided shopping tour if necessary, to help educate you to make and maintain good food choices to ensure healthy life long eating.

Lina utilises a number of different tools to tailor a program for you. We have different options which cater to the super busy, stressed individual who doesn’t have time to change their whole life or diet, to programs which cater to people who have time and energy to commit to a holistic life changing program, focusing on education and support to create life long positive dietary and health changes. You’ll also be provided with access to online resources, extensive dietary support, recipes, healthy food lists, clear instructions regarding portion sizes, allowable foods and online motivational tools.

This is a comprehensive, practical and individually tailored solution to help you get on track NOW to lose weight and get healthy, vital and full of life.

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