What is Candida?

Candida is a yeast that is present in your gut, skin and genitals. When there is an overgrowth of yeast it can put your body out of balance. This lead to Candidiasis, an infection that causes various health problems.

What are the symptoms of a Candida infection?

The common symptoms of a Candida infection are white spots on the tongue or other areas of the mouth, bloating or skin irritation. However, it can display many different symptoms in various areas of the body.

What causes a Candida infection?

Generally, a healthy immune system keeps Candida levels under control. However, alcohol abuse, stress, smoking and poor diet can weaken your immune system, creating an environment where Candida thrives.

When a Candida overgrowth takes hold, it excretes harmful toxins that circulate throughout the body, further weakening the immune system and creating havoc.

What is the treatment for Candida?

We use a simple test together with a herbal and nutritional plan to treat your infection and get you feeling healthy again.

Once we have confirmed a Candida infection is present, treatment generally follows these steps:

  • An anti-Candida diet – Candida is a yeast that thrives on sugars and carbohydrates. We will implement a diet of herbs and nutrition to boost your immune system and kill the Candida infection. The diet is personalised for you by a naturopath/nutritionist.
  • Elimination test – We will test you again to ensure that the Candida is no longer present.
  • Continued program – It is important that we reduce your chances of getting a Candida infection again. The continued program will boost your normal healthy bowel flora levels, improve your immune system and address any other symptoms that may be contributing to poor health and vitality.

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