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Melbourne Wellness was established over a decade ago as a specialist practice that offers you an alternative therapeutic option to treat and manage minor or chronic health conditions.

Why choose Melbourne Wellness

Our team of qualified health practitioners are evidence-based in their approach to natural medicine and work closely with you to provide a tailored treatment plan using a combination of lifestyle, nutritional and herbal medicine.

We are passionate about restoring your health naturally. We believe the body is an amazing organism that has powerful processes of self-healing. However, sometimes the stresses and impacts of a modern lifestyle can wear our bodies down making it harder for it to heal on its own.

Our expertise

Our hero service is naturopathy, a holistic treatment that restores balance to your body through the foundations of diet, lifestyle advice, exercise and herbal remedies. We are also experts in a range of other natural treatments including, osteopathy, myotherapy, kinesiology, massage, shiatsu and mindfulness programs. These therapies work in harmony with your body, calming symptoms and getting to the underlying cause of your health concerns.

Natural therapies can help resolve many different health issues including stress, insomnia, fatigue, sciatica, weight fluctuation and chronic pain. They are also fantastic remedies for clearing the mind, restoring focus and improving overall health.

Our Qualifications

Our friendly team of naturopaths are highly skilled and experienced, recognised by their memberships at the renowned associations of ATMS [Australian Traditional-Medicine Society Ltd] and Australian Natural Therapists Association.

Whether you have sought out natural health due to a draining medical issue, wanting to overcome anxiety and improve your confidence, or just to stay on top of your health, we will look after you and guide you on your journey to wellness.

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