What is pain?

If you have experienced pain you understand how debilitating it can be, especially if it is a chronic condition. Pain is the brains natural defense mechanism. It takes in all the data from a situation and uses pain to warn you to act and prevent further trauma. For example, you will feel pain if you fall off your bike. You may feel in your leg, arm or somewhere else. This is your body telling you that you have put yourself in danger and to be more cautious.

This kind of pain is usually catergorised as acute pain. Acute pain lasts for a short amount of time and is the body’s way of preventing further tissue damage. Treating the injury that has caused the pain will usually provide relief.

However, some pain can last for an extended period of time following surgery, trauma or other condition. This is known as chronic pain.  It can vary in severity and present continuously as with arthritis, or in waves such as migraines.

Chronic pain is usually more resistant to medical treatment and can be a symptom of an underlying problems. The recurrence of chronic pain can have serious physiological effects such as anxiety and depression.

What is the treatment for pain?

At Vital Chi Wellness we respect that pain is a natural bodily response. Therefore, we take a holistic approach to pain relief, supporting the body’s recovery through natural treatments.

Pharmaceutical pain medications can ease your pain temporarily, but they will not treat the cause of the unpleasantness. They can also increase the risk of other health issues.

We offer pain relief treatment through:


Our naturopaths will assess your entire body to identify any imbalances causing pain. They will then support your body’s natural healing power through lifestyle and dietary changes. Physical exercise and clean eating make your body stronger and healthier, allowing it to better regenerate and heal itself. Your naturopath may also introduce herbal and nutritional medicines to assist with these changes and help reduce pain.

Mindfulness-integrated Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (MiCBT)

Mindfulness training is an effective way to manage and reduce pain, particularly long term chronic pain. We can teach you techniques that will help you calm your nervous system, making it less sensitive to pain indicators.  These techniques will also help relieve stress. When your body is in a high stress state it aggravates and sustains pain. 

Osteopathy / Cranial Sacral therapy

Osteopathy is a holistic approach that aims to heal your body’s muscular and skeletal system through soft tissue, joint mobilisation and manipulation techniques. This is supported by prescribed exercises to continue treatment at home. Osteopathy also incorporates craniosacral therapy (non-invasive bodywork) which clears any blockages and enhances the body’s natural healing processes.


Myotherapy is an excellent treatment for both acute and chronic pain. It uses various techniques such as remedial massage, cupping and dry needling to help address soft tissue damage, sprains and strains, rotator cuff injuries and post-operative pain. Your Myotherapist will tailor the perfect plan to assist in relieving your pain.


Massage is an effective treatment that relaxes the body, reduces stress and relieves muscle and joint pain. Our massage therapists use specific techniques to target your areas of pain and alleviate the discomfort. We have different types of massage that are suitable to different areas and levels of pain. Our helpful staff will be able to recommend which is best suited to your needs.  


We also offer shiatsu, a form of massage that focuses on your body’s meridians and acupoints. Your shiatsu therapist will use manual massage therapy in combination with stretching exercises and muscle release techniques to sooth your pain and prevent it from recurring.

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