Depression can be a crippling state, so it is important to seek help if you are suffering from it.


Many people struggle with Depression, in fact depression is the most common of all mental health problems, with an estimated 1 in 5 Australians suffering from it at some stage in their lives. Many people use the term depression to explain a low mood, but depression is much more than just this, it is a serious illness. 

Natural therapies offer a safe and effective treatment alternative in the management and treatment of mild to moderate depression.  So if you have been thinking about trying a natural approach to your depression then read on, we may just be able to help you overcome this crippling state with a simple, effective and natural solution.

What is depression?

Depression is more than having an ‘off day’ or feeling ‘a little down’. It is characterised by long or even continuous periods of feeling as though life consists of nothing but misery, sadness and a heaviness that you just can not find relief from. People experiencing a state of Depression often find it impossible to feel good even when there are sound, rational reasons for feeling good. Very often they will recognize this yet feel powerless to change how they feel. Often this leads to feeling even more depressed because they know they ‘should feel fine’, yet despite all of their willpower and effort they can not.

Everyone from time to time will experience times when they feel down, sad or simply have a bad day but they are able to bounce back and feel good again. People who are in a state of Depression do not, they feel down, sad or as though life is a hard unending slog on a daily, unrelenting basis.

How can I tell if I am in a state of depression?

Depression may be affecting you if you:

  • Feel like a black cloud of despair and heaviness has come down over you life
  • Constantly feel tired, find it hard to concentrate
  • Lack motivation to carry out day to day activities of life, normally considered fun or enjoyable
  • Have a feeling of emptiness inside, like something is missing but you can’t place what it is
  • Find it hard to laugh or smile at things and situations that other people do

Or if you feel a mixture of:

  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Despair
  • Guilt
  • Perceived Helplessness
  • Loss of interest in pleasurable activities

How Would I Get Depression?

Generally, a healthy happy person will avoid any prolonged periods Depression. But the modern lifestyles we lead, our poor western diets, the pressures and expectations from work, family, friends, ourselves and society in general can give anyone’s emotional resilience a bit of a hammering. When our emotional state becomes consumed with more pain than pleasure, more negative than positives in our life we can create an environment where Depression takes hold and cripples our ability to feel good and enjoy and actively participate in life. Factors that can create an environment ripe for Depression to take hold and produce sustained feelings of sadness and despair include:

  • Stress from work
  • Death of a loved one
  • Expectations from peers or family that we don’t feel we can meet
  • Diet
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Pyroluria
  • Hereditary Factors / Family
  • Environment as a child
  • An accumulation of stresses and experiences of stressful situations that were never fully resolved

When a state of sustained Depression takes hold, it often creates a downward spiral, wreaking havoc through all facets or a person’s life. 

People feeling depressed often lack the energy to participate in regular activities of life, they begin to shrink the scope of their life, minimising their contact with the outside world in any meaningful way. This lack of positive interaction with the word often leads to people feeling even worse and the cycle continues. Other people struggling with a state of Depression can become stuck in what is described as the “Frustrating 8” loop.” Think of the Infinity sign, on the left they feel depressed and sad, then after a period of time they move through the loop into the other side being anger and frustration. However this does not resolve the reasons for the depression so people begin to feel helpless and slip back into the other side of the loop, back to depression.

Are you experiencing this in your life, being stuck between feeling depressed and angry?

Feeling a sustained and prolonged state of Depression is certainly something you’d hope to avoid if you experience it, it’s important to get effective help so you can return to feeling health, happy and positive and back in control of your life.

Good news! There is a way to feel happy, positive and enthused about life again, no longer do you need to feel down and lacking a passion for life. If you have any of the symptoms of the state of Depression and aren’t feeling 100% and are living life stuck between feeling either Depressed and Angry it maybe worth finding out if you can finally experience relief. The good news, Melbourne Wellness specialises in helping people with depression using Naturopathy which in combination are a powerful and natural way to help people feel positive and enthused about life again.

How Can Naturopathy Help me if I have Depression?

Naturopathy in Melbourne is fantastic in helping you to identify those areas of your life that may be preventing you from being depression free. Our practitioners use advanced pathology testing to help find the cause of your depression. Using tests like Neuroendocrine Markers, Kryptopyroles, Hormonal testing, Live Blood Analysis and more allows us to see what is going on inside you. Identifying specific nutritional and biochemical imbalances allows our practitioners to treat you very specifically and individually.

Deficiencies in Serotonin, Dopamine and GABA, to name a few may be underlying your depression, once identified, correct nutritional prescriptions may allow your body to increase its own production of these important neurotransmitters. Herbal medicine, homeopathy and flower essences may also be useful in the treatment and management of symptoms of depression. We will tailor a specific treatment to help your body to produce its own natural pharmacy of feel good hormones and neurotransmitters.

How will Kinesiology Help me to Feel Happier and More Positive About Life?

Kinesiology works with the body to establish what is out of balance and causing you to feel depressed. The guiding principle being that when the body in all its aspects (physical, mental and emotional) are all working in harmony together, health and emotional happiness flourish.

When there is an imbalance within the body our emotional balance is disrupted and negative feelings are experienced. Chronic imbalances or unresolved stresses can create long term feelings of depression, despair and sadness.
Kinesiology uses a variety of techniques to bring the body back into balance so that your body will then naturally and automatically create emotional states of happiness, resilience, resourcefulness and self belief.

Treatment time varies among individuals but virtually everyone sees improvement right from the first session.

Get Help For Depression

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