What is food sensitivity testing?

Food sensitivity testing is a diagnostic test to determine if certain food is having a negative impact on your health. Your body digests most of the food you consume but some types of food may trigger a delayed health problem such as headaches, bloating or nausea. At Melbourne Wellness we use the IgG Food Sensitivity Profile test to determine any food sensitivity that may be affecting you.

How can food sensitivity testing help me?

Food sensitivities can be hard to recognize at first because the symptoms can vary so greatly from one individual to the next. Many people live with minor or major symptoms of food sensitivities for years without ever really knowing what the cause is.

Testing will identify what foods are causing your symptoms and help our specialists design a treatment plan to address any of the following symptoms you may be experiencing:

What can I expect during a food sensitivity test?

At Melbourne Wellness our naturopaths can test for the most common food allergies, such as cows’ milk, eggs, beans, nuts and cereals. We can also expand the test to cover more than 110 different foods, chemicals, artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives.

Food sensitivity tests are very simple, and our naturopaths offer a three-step holistic approach to treating any intolerances.

  1. Generally a small sample of blood is taken and tested against various foods
  2. Once your intolerances have been identified your naturopath will recommend a plan of action to improve your health and vitality, and significantly reduce or eliminate your symptoms entirely.
  3. The next step is to rebuild, strengthen and repair the gastrointestinal system. Your naturopath will recommend specific nutrients and herbs that heal the gut wall, decrease inflammation and correct the body’s response to the food insensitivity.

You may eventually be able to reintroduce and tolerate the foods that previously caused sensitivity once your health is restored.

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