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As professional naturopathic doctors, we use evidence-based holistic medicine to treat your illness or health concern.

How Our Naturopaths Work

Established over a decade ago our qualified and experienced Naturopaths are industry leaders using current scientific research and the latest functional testing to treat your illness or health concern.

Our health and well-being are a complex integration between our genes and our environment. Our diet and lifestyle, which are mostly within our control, are the main environmental factors that affect our physical and mental health.  Our team of Naturopaths focus on providing treatment plans that understand this delicate combination.  Our team is passionate about understanding the cause of your health condition in order to develop an individualised health care plan that is realistic and achievable. 

Treatment plans may include:

  • Herbal medicine prescription
  • Nutritional supplementation prescription
  • Lifestyle advice
  • Dietary programs


Your initial appointment with our Naturopath will include family and personal medical history, understanding of your symptoms and reviewing of lifestyle factors such as;

  • Diet
  • Stress
  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Hydration
  • Environmental toxins
  • Review test results (please bring them along if you have them)

If it is relevant our Naturopaths may refer you for further testing to ensure they have all the information required to design a treatment plan to address your health concern. Common tests include:

Once our Melbourne Naturopath identifies the cause of your health concern, they will begin to design a treatment plan.  The first stage of treatment will look at providing symptomatic relief whilst the second stage looks to treat the underlying cause of your symptoms. 


Our approach to treating you


Your initial appointment will last for 60 minutes and we’ll take a detailed history of your case.

We may also recommend additional testing including Live Blood Analysis, Food Sensitivity Testing, or Hormonal testing.

Once testing is complete, your naturopath will prepare a detailed report outlying the cause of your condition and the steps you need to take to regain your health and vitality.

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Treatable Conditions Include


I first met Lina in October 2013 with a range of different ailments - digestive issues, hives, sweats, general abdominal and intestinal pains, headaches, dehydration, trouble sleeping - the list seemed endless. I had previously spent several years unsuccessfully trying to cure these issues with the assistance of traditional medicine (e.g. gastroenterologists). Lina's diagnosis approach was methodical, which was important given the number of issues faced. Through a series of tests and trials, my issues seem to be caused by candida and/or leaky gut syndrome, which had lead to various allergies and other reactions. Lina helped treat the issues at the root cause rather than just their symptoms, and I am very happy to say that in only a few short months we are well and truly over these issues, with all of the symptoms clearing up and not returning. My body feels so much stronger and healthier in all regards, the difference is quite amazing. I would absolutely recommend Lina if you are suffering from any of the types of symptoms that I had experienced.


Being overweight and with type 2 diabetes, I consulted with Alon at Vital Chi back in June (2018). A change in diet and lifestyle and 3 months later I was down to a healthy weight and almost off my diabetic medication, which I expect to be completely off in the new year. Most importantly though, I have not felt as well as I do right now for as long as I can remember. I found Alon to be extremely knowledgeable as well as very personable. I can't recommend Alon at Vital Chi highly enough!


David Blumgart

I have seen Lina twice now and I am noticing a huge difference in my health and wellbeing. I would definitely recommend her.


Tanya Hunt

Absolutely wonderful humans!!!

I live abroad and was visiting Melbourne for a short time and without fail the gorgeous receptionists Sheree and Sophie were so helpful organizing my appointments ahead of time and gave me so much guidance as to what every specialist and treatment would provide me. I saw a few of the wonderful team as I do believe health and wellness is a very integral part of life! I saw the stunning Tanvi for Osteopathy and without fail her incredibly kind heart and knowledge for what my body feels and needs just blew my mind. She took the time to even make sure she could fit me in again before I traveled. Lovely gorgeous soul. I then saw Alon for Naturopathy and his warm nature and confidence for how I could apply changes to my current already healthy lifestyle was incredible I learned SO much and am really excited to see and feel the changes I know will occur. He even is available to do follow-up online sessions so this made me very reassured. Wonderful guy lovely energy! Last but not at all least, Madelaine for Kinesiology. I wanted to try this as this was a completely new type of therapy for me which I hadn’t heard too much about. She helped me become away and release a very emotional responsibility that I was holding onto without myself being away. I would recommend being open minded and seeing her because I felt the most incredible energy shifts and I know what she has taught me will change my life only for the better. Thank you Vital-Chi team I wish you all love ❤️


Nicole Ritchie

For 15 years I have suffered with severe menstural pain. I was diagnosed with PCOS at 16 years old and have tried so many natural therapies with no success. The only thing that would help my symptoms was the pill with its many unpleasent short and long term side effects. Shiho is INCREDIBLE. Within 3 months of seeing her and following her recommendations I experienced significant changes and now 6 months later things are still improving! Her expertise is outstanding and she explains everything so well! I enjoy our consults, she is such a warm and genuine person! Some therapists make you feel like they just want you to keep spending money on products and unnecessary visits - never once have I felt that with Shiho. She responds to my emails with questions on nutrition and provides recipes and nutritional information voluntarily. Not only has she helped me manage my PCOS naturally, her reccomendations have assisted me with IBS ( I can now eat foods I struggled with) and hormonal acne. My experience to date has been fantastic! Highly recommend Shiho and Vital Chi!

Sarah Jade Sumarac

l had the pleasure of meeting Alon a Naturopath who helped with my healthy weight loss and also Tanvi an Osteopath who helped fixed my aching, injured body. l highly recommend Vital Chi Wellness.

Tara Pasqualotto

I have seen Lina at Vital Chi 3 or 4 times in last 6 months. I first visited Lina when I was very unwell physically. Severe gastric issues, ulcers, burning throat, absolute exhaustion, and multiple other issues. GP had been unable to diagnose except to say I had gastric reflux and the tablets they prescribed actually made all of the other symptoms worse. I also have an autoimmune disorder which complicates everything. Lina was a compassionate, understanding person who looked at my entire life, picture, story, wellbeing etc and the dietary and lifestyle changes I have made have removed all symptoms. Lina is supportive and encouraging and not remotely judgmental or aggressive in suggestions for changes or treatment. Would recommend Lina and Vital Chi to anybody.

Grace Carroll

I have been seeing Shiho for nearly 6 months. I found her really knowledgeable, caring, considerate and attention to detail. She is not just looking after the issue I have but also my “mindset” that she finds it connects to our body! She is like my soulmate who understands me a lot and gradually, she finds out the "cause" of my issue and tackle it with her treatment. I am really happy with her service and her positive energy :)

So Kawai

I have been hive free for over three months and I am able to reintroduce the foods that were causing problems as well as continuing on important supplements and vitamins that promote a good immune system and nutrients. I have not felt this good in a very long time. I am completely back to the confident and happy person that I have always been.


I am no longer on painkillers and I haven't had to go to the hospital. The pain is something in my past. The pain relief wasn't immediate but I had waited 15 years so for me it was immediate. I noticed a decrease in pain straight away and it continued to lessen as time went on.


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