Based on 5000 years of Traditional Chinese Medicine, both the Tongue and Nails hold many answers to your personal health. This is a very quick, simple, effective and non-invasive analysis, where your trained practitioner will “study” both your Tongue and Nails for clues.

What is Nail Diagnosis?

Low dietary intake of essential fatty acids, protein, vitamins and minerals can reflect in the nails. There are also some medical conditions that can cause the nails to be abnormal.

What is Tongue Diagnosis?

Tongue diagnosis dates back several thousand years and has been used by practitioners of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine as a diagnostic tool to help in the diagnosis of disease. Both our naturopaths and Acupuncturists use tongue diagnosis as part of their case histories to establish if there are any patterns of disharmony in the body.

What Health Conditions can Nail Diagnosis Indicate?

  • Low iron intake can cause the nails to become spoon-shaped.
  • A lack of omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids in the diet can cause the nails to become ridged and brittle.
  • Low dietary intake of zinc can cause white spots in the nails.
  • Lack of silica can cause the nails to become flaky
  • A Magnesium and calcium deficiency can cause ridges in the nails

What Health Conditions can the Tongue Indicate?

Rather than specific health conditions we use tongue diagnosis to identify areas of disharmony or imbalances. We look at the tongues color, shape, surface and coating. For example changes in the tongues color may indicate the following:

  • Pale = Excess cold, especially if thick white coating. Spleen qi deficiency, especially if thin white coating. Blood deficiency, especially if dull, pale face and lips
  • Red = Excess heat, especially if there is a thick yellow tongue coating. Yin deficiency, especially if tongue body is thin and coating is thin, absent or peeled.
  • Purple = Stagnant qi (energy flow of the body). Stagnant blood if dark purple tongue body and/or red spots on the tongue.

Why should you have this test?

The insights gained here by your practitioner will be put together with a comprehensive case history and the results of other diagnostic tests performed. Both these tests help us to build a greater picture into your underlying causes of disease and poor health

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