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Ideal Weight For Men

Standard Height and Weight tables are often misleading for men, as they do not take in to account the additional active tissue mass (muscle), that males have in greater quantity than women.

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Calculating a Healthy Weight Range

Discover your Body Mass Index

Body Mass Index or (BMI) is an internationally recognised approach to make an initial assessment of how your weight compares with the general healthy weight range.

Your own BMI is calculated by the following formula

(BMI) = weight(kg) ÷ height(m)Squared.

While the formula for calculating BMI is consistent worldwide, the interpretation of this number can differ.

The data below represents the latest research on healthy weight ranges, and is specifically tailored for male weight distribution.

Ideal Body Weight For Men

The below chart outlines the healthy male weight range between the Red and Green line.

Ideal Weight for Men

The above chart provides a useful general guide to where you sit in terms of the healthy weight range.  Some important points however should be noted. 


1. These tables and graphs are based on average male muscle distributions.  If you participate in body building or athletic power activities then your weight to height may be acceptably higher.

2. The above graph is suitable for Males over 18 and is particularly suited to Men between the ages of 20 to 60.

Your Individual Weight Measurement

Measuring your height and weight and comparing to the above table can give you a rough guide to your healthy weight distribution.  If however you fall under any of the below circumstances, then more specific individual measures need to be taken for the best treatment and results.


Underweight Overweight
Building Muscle Losing Weight
In Training Detoxifying

The actual distribution of your weight, comprising skeletal tissue, muscle, fat and water is essential for determining your own unique body composition and your ideal weight.

Using a sophisticated yet quick technique, known as Body Impedance Analysis (BIA), your practitioner can identify the following markers.

Body composition Fat Mass & Fat Ratio Muscle & Active Tissue Mass Ratio
Hydration Levels IntraCellular Water ExtraCellular Water
Phase Angle Cellular Fluid Balance Biological Age Marker
Basal Metabolic Rate

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