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Naturopathy Testimonials

Pyrroles Disorder


I had been unwell for years, and couldn't get any help from any doctors that I had visited. A friend of mine recommended that I visit Vitalchi Wellness centre. I was a bit skeptical, after all no other medical provider had helped. But I made an appointment anyway, expecting very little.


The appointment came, and I was introduced to Shiho. Shiho listened to what I had to say, even my self diagnosis, made me feel very comfortable and cared about my wellbeing. A plan was made, and after test results my self diagnosis was confirmed. Shiho and I worked together on a plan (which was fantastic, as no one else wanted to help me at all), which included supplements and a diet change (which was initially difficult). Monthly check ups followed and progress was made, and Shiho made me feel proud of myself, and cared about my progress.


Whilst my illness is always going to be with me, I know that Shiho and Vitalchi will be there for me every step of the way. Keith


Food Intolerance


"I've been one of Shiho's patients for well over 6 months now. During this time she has completely transformed not only my physical health, but my mental health as well.


I booked my initial consultation, desperate for a solution to my constant bloating and discomfort, low energy levels and broken sleep, and truthfully couldn't see my situation improving. I had tried countless options, including seeing other Naturopaths, however it wasn't until meeting Shiho that my symptoms have been bought under control- something I literally used to dream of. I couldn't recommend Shiho enough, she's full of knowledge, is incredibly empathetic and has a genuine desire to help her patients, far beyond what they initially see her for. Booking that first consultation was the best thing i've ever done!" Whitney


Fatigue and Gastrointestinal Issues



My experience with Shiho and the team at Vitalchi Wellness Sanctuary was wonderful, Shiho paid great attention to detail to my issues, helped me greatly in finding the correct solutions and provided continued follow up which was greatly appreciated! I would not hesitate to recommend Shiho and team to anyone requiring guidance and assistance with personal health issues. Simonne

Hormonal Imbalances

How were you feeling before you made the appointment with our Naturopath?
Before seeing Vitalchi I had a hormonal imbalance I hadn’t been able to get sorted out for 2 years. I was almost at the point of giving in and going with doctor’s advice of remaining on hormone replacements and at 34yo that was not something I wanted to do.

What were you expecting from your appointment (Naturopath)?
I didn’t know what to expect from the appointment as I’d see so many practitioners that all stated they could help but didn’t.

What did your treatment do for you?
The treatment has fixed the hormonal imbalance.

How did you feel after your treatment?
I feel the best I have felt in years. I have more energy and my mood and concentration have improved considerably. Not to mention getting my cycle back which I hadn’t had for a couple of years.

What would you say to others about you experience?
Do not hesitate to get in touch with Angela if you would like a natural treatment alternative. She will treat the underlying cause of a problem not the symptoms as your local GP would. I would highly recommend Angela to anyone.

Danielle Liddicut, Melbourne

What was it that drew you to our clinic?
I had been suffering from Chronic Urticaria for over one year. After seeing a number of specialists to no avail, I was given a book about changing your diet titled, ‘Turn over a new leaf’. Inside this book it described how the two authors had a ‘live blood analysis’ taken and thus, changed their diet and lifestyle based on the results. I then decided to search for a place on the internet that also helped with certain conditions through the use of a live blood analysis. I found a few places and based on some research including looking at the internet site, affordability etc, I decided that Vitalchi was my best option. Once I arrived for my first appointment I knew I had made a good decision. It felt like a relaxing place with very welcoming staff members.
Can you provide a background as to how your health was before you came to see a Vitalchi Naturopath and what other steps you had taken to improve your health?
Before my first appointment with Vitalchi I had been suffering from Chronic Urticaria (hives) for over one year. I had also experienced occasional angio-odema (swelling) and had been given an epipen as I had experienced throat swelling. Throughout my life, I would say that I had been lucky with relatively good health with only minor mishaps along the way. I had consistently suffered from tonsillitis until I had them removed three years ago at the age of twenty-four. I had also suffered with a small lump in my neck which turned out to be a benign mass in my lymph glands which was also removed. Excluding these two problems and a few colds, bumps and bruises, I maintained a healthy lifestyle until I awoke covered in hives in May 2008.
Within a year, I had visited over thirteen different Doctors and spent over $4000 on trying to find an answer. Doctors I visited included; my General Practitioner (who was a great help), a Consultant Physician at an Allergy and Clinical Immunology Practice, a Rheumatoid Specialist, a Dermatologist, Naturopath, Gastrointestinal Specialist, Chinese Acupuncturist, The Royal Melbourne Hospital (both Allergy and Dermatology department), Natural Healing Specialist, Chinese Herbalist and Naturopath.
Although some of these Doctors seemed to try their best to help me, I was either put in a dose of steroids, told I had a virus and that it would eventually pass, told to take daily anti-histamines or had it explained to me that sometimes this just happens to people and that it could be worse.
During this year my life changed fairly dramatically. I was not the same confident person that I had been my whole life. I felt really unwell and bloated, I felt that I looked hideous and I had ‘lost my spark’ and ‘zest for life’. I knew that people suffered from other illnesses that were worse than mine, but I began feeling depressed and out of options.
I was ready to try anything and was prepared for any results. I had tests taken for numerous diseases and blood disorders and all came back perfectly fine. Not one specialist had given me an allergy test or a food sensitivity test as all the specialists I saw believed that an allergy/intolerance could not be causing my hives.
I was hopeful, but at my wits end.
How were you feeling before you made the appointment to see our Naturopath?
Before coming to see Vitalchi, I was feeling depressed and like I was running out of options. I decided to make the appointment as it could not get any worse. After making the appointment and reading some more about ‘live blood analysis’, I felt positive and hopeful. I decided to make the switch from feeling miserable to feeling like this could be the answer. I went in with the mind-set that I would do anything (change my food, take tests) to be able to find an answer.
Hives treatment Naturopath
Hives before treatment
What were you expecting from your first appointment?
My expectations were clear and fair and they were definitely met. I expected someone to listen to me and then try and help me in finding an answer. I expected that it was a two-way street and that I would be given advice and recommendations and that it was up to me to follow these. I did not expect to find a cause or reason straight away, however I did expect that the person I worked with would continue helping me until either an answer was found or all possible suggestions had been thoroughly tested, tried and ruled out.
I had these same expectations for all Specialists and Doctors that I had seen previously, but unfortunately they had not been met and I began to think that I expected too much. It was not until I arrived at Vitalchi and met with the naturopath that I finally felt like the Specialist thought of my issue as more than a job, but as a way of helping someone and changing their life.
What did your treatment do for you and what comments would you make about the treatment?
I truly cannot find appropriate words to describe how I now feel about my treatment. THANK YOU!
Without the support of my friends and family, I really don’t know how I would have gotten through such a long time of feeling helplessness. My GP was fantastic and tried everything to help me but did admit that this was well out of her hands now and that she did not know what else to do besides give me referrals to see a number of Specialists who she thought would help. It was not until finally meeting with Angela that I felt like someone who didn’t know me actually cared enough to continue trying to help me until we reached the bottom of it all. I trusted her from the beginning and took all of her advice on board. Angela was the first Specialist to actually recommend food tests and she was the first person to sit for over an hour and get a full medical history from me so that she could assess the problem.
I have since recommended Angela to my Dad who has also seen her and likewise, he felt that she was thorough and helpful. I have also recommended her to two friends.
How did you feel after your treatment and how are you feeling now?
Thanks to Vitalchi, I have been hive free for over three months and I am able to reintroduce the foods that were causing problems as well as continuing on important supplements and vitamins that promote a good immune system and nutrients. I have not felt this good in a very long time. I am completely back to the confident and happy person that I have always been.
What would you say to others who are not yet sure about contacting us to help them?
I would not hesitate in saying that it is definitely worth a try. I have had a 100% positive experience from my time at Vitalchi and I can’t even imagine what or how I would be feeling if I did not take the step to contact them. No matter the problem you are facing, it cannot hurt to give Vitalchi a try and it’s very likely that your experience will be just as positive as mine.
Is there anything else that we could have done different or better to improve your experience?
Everything that Angela has done for me has helped and I have always walked out of her office feeling positive and ‘improved’. I only wish I had found her earlier!
Elizabeth Baird from Blackburn
Endometriosis Pain
Why did you decide on our clinic?
I had been seeing doctors and specialists for nearly 15 years and nothing was working. No one could give me an answer and my condition was only getting worse. I went to the clinic as all other traditional options had failed but I still needed help.
How were you feeling before you made the appointment with us?
I was suffering chronic pain and was on strong painkillers to help. The pain would reach a point where I would have to go to the hospital for morphine.
What were you expecting from your appointment?
I wasn't expecting anything; I had learnt not to expect answers. I was expecting a course of treatment that I doubted would work as nothing in the past had but I was willing to try anything, I had no options left.
What did your treatment do for you?
I am no longer on painkillers and I haven't had to go to the hospital. The pain is something in my past. The pain relief wasn't immediate but I had waited 15 years so for me it was immediate. I noticed a decrease in pain straight away and it continued to lessen as time went on. Pain used to interfere with my life, now it is my life with no interference. After seeing the great, somewhat miraculous results I had had, my mother who suffered arthritis went to see Vitalchi. In less then 3 months she is pain free and her swelled finger joints have vanished. She can now grab and hold things without pain and wear her wedding ring, something she couldn't do for years.
How did you feel after your treatment?
I don't have to live my life around my pain, this is freedom. When you have a condition Western medicine can't treat or diagnose you naturally carry fear that something is terribly wrong and it's frustrating when you can't find help, no matter how active your search is. I have relief now I have answers and a course of treatment I am actively involved in which gives me the control back. I am in control of my life and well being and after spending so long having a condition in control of my life and well being, I feel empowered.
What would you say to others who are not yet sure about contacting us to help them?
If you are willing to take anything the doctors prescribe then you should have no hesitation going to the clinic. I once had doctors give a wrong diagnosis and the medication they had me on caused more havoc then my condition. There is always a chance of a wrong diagnosis no matter where you go but the clinic deals with natural remedies so side effects are minimal and the positive results can change your quality of life. It's not going to hurt so why not give it a try.
Carolyn Tinker from Melbourne
Lethargic, Tired And Flat
How were you feeling before you made the appointment with us?
Lethargic, tired, anxious, flat, and unaware of what was causing all of this and why I wasn't losing weight.
What were you expecting from your appointment?
I knew I'd have to change things in my life, but I had very had little expectations. I was nervous about what I'd have to do!
What did your treatment do for you?
Angela was able to show me why I felt the way I felt. She showed me that my body was out of sync and that until I fixed the problems I had, I wouldn't fix any of the symptoms and would struggle to lose weight. Angela sorted out my issues through naturopathic remedies and put me on the ketoslim plan and over a 6 month period I've lost 16 kilo's of fat. Pretty amazing stuff.
How did you feel after your treatment?
At first I felt daunted at the changes I was facing, but I got stuck into it and followed everything Angela told me. I started feeling amazing within the first 7 days of my new plan and 6 months later, I feel fantastic. I feel like I'm a totally different person and I look like one too!
What would you say to others who are not yet sure about contacting us to help them?
I've had 2 friends ask to go and see Angela after witnessing the change I've undertaken, so I cannot recommend Angela highly enough!
Sophie Needham from Melbourne
Poor Immunity
As a busy Executive and enjoying an active life, Wellness is important to me. After careful research I approached Vitalchi for a consultation.
I found myself fatigued and constantly unwell. Yearlong symptoms of a cold, lack of energy, and litharge stopped me from performing in my career and took away the enjoyment of sporting activities and life.
The naturopath ran a full set of tests and recommended a change in my diet, specific herbs to help improve liver function & aid detoxification, a course of nutrients (vitamins & minerals) to increase energy production, & herbal medicine to 'boost' the immune system & increase resistance to cold's & flu’s.
I feel healthier and return regularly for advice and treatment.
David Wood from South Bank
Anxiety And Depression
Three years ago I was diagnosed with Anxiety and Clinical Depression. I saw a G.P. who was very supportive of alternative medicine - although she recommended anti-depressants at the time and these did reduce the anxiety symptoms. Unfortunately, I also developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and if that wasn't enough was suffering from peri-menopausal symptoms - night sweats and dizziness.
I was not happy with the side effects of the anti-depressants and after several months of taking these, I sought the help of naturopath, Fiona.
I truly believe that Fiona's herbal remedy 'cured' me from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and within a month I started feeling so much better, getting my energy back. Fiona also made up a herbal remedy for peri-menopausal symptoms and in consultation with my G.P. helped me get off the anti-depressants and in time onto a herbal version.
I now have a lot of faith and confidence in herbal remedies but I think what was also a huge part of my recovery was the doses of positive thinking that Fiona gave me during consultations.
In this area she is truly a very skilled practitioner! Thank you.
Cat from Australia

"I really appreciate how you gave me hope during my lowest point. I was really depressed and I felt really isolated, as no one understood me not even my family. Through the countless amount of doctors and specialist I went to, you where by far the most understanding and helpful. Your kind gentle manner and genuine compassion and care really help give me hope. The visits really help remind me to hang in there and gave me hope and for all that I want to say “thank you soon much for your help, god bless you.

Hi Daniel,  I’m writing to say thank you. It’s great to know I have the support of someone as knowledgeable, caring and kind as yourself. I’m now living a life I never knew possible, I feel great, have so much energy and such clarity. Even after working 12.5 hour shifts driving, night or day shift I feel good. Sure I’ve gone through fads before but this time it’s different it’s been consistent and now just a way of life.

Naturopathy & Reiki
The last time I have been completely 100% satisfied with an alternative practitioner was when I saw Duncan Capicchiano. Being a therapist myself, I am fussy and also being a female I am very sensitive, however I found these two things to be Duncan's main gifts. He was able to pinpoint the root of the cause and was sensitive enough that I felt really safe with him.
I feel confident and have no hesitation in recommending Duncan for his naturopathic knowledge, massage skills and energetic healing gift to all my clients and friends.
Thank you 
Blanca Perez from Bentleigh
Naturopathy & Nutrition
I'd just like to say how terrific the advice and diet was.....I lost 5 kilos almost immediately, I didn't feel hungry and I felt really well and energised. Also, the follow up support and advice provide by the naturopath was excellent.
Libby from Melbourne

Food Allergies, Hay Fever, IBS & Eczema
"I have seen Wendy for many years now, she is a very knowledgable naturopath who is up to date in her practice and always has a solution to the issue that is presented. Wendy has helped me with allergies including food allergies and hay fever, irritable bowel syndrome, eczema and my overall general wellbeing. I would definately recommend Wendy to my friends and although she is always the professional, I feel like I am visiting my friend rather than a naturopath."
Alison from Melbourne