Why You’re Not Losing Weight

7 December 2016
Weigt Loss

We all know that excess weight is associated with many health risks, so why is the rate of overweight and obese adults and children growing? The statistics state that 2 in 3 adults and 1 in 4 children in Australia are overweight and therefore increasing their risk of disease.

Our experience at Vital Chi is that weight loss is not always as simple as people think and often a more tailored approach is needed. When working with clients, here are some of things we look at.

Eating enough or too much?
Believe it or not, eating too little makes it harder to lose weight loss. Eating too much or the wrong food combinations is another issue for people to consider. To make things even more complex, many foods advertised as healthy are actually very high in sugar.

Exercising too much or too little?
If you are burning more than you’re consuming you are likely also making it hard for your body to lose weight.

Are you stressed?
Stress is a big one and one that’s often overlooked. When you’re stressed your body actually stores fat, which is of no value when you’re trying to lose weight! Not to mention that being stressed is often associated with overeating.

Water has no magical weight loss qualities but staying hydrated will keep you from confusing thirst with hunger. People often feel hungry and turn to eat, but in actual fact their body is just thirsty.

Sleeping enough?
Sleep is important for so many reasons including maintaining a healthy weight. If you are not sleeping enough, you may be grumpy and sensitive both which make overeating very easy.

There are many factors that need to work in sync when you’re trying to lose weight. If you’re serious about losing weight consider a program that supports you and considers what’s going on in your life. Healthy weight loss, is not done in isolation to overall health, our aim at Vital Chi Wellness is to empower and support you to lose weight and get healthy.

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