What is naturopathy

21 April 2021
What is naturopathy

What is naturopathy

A form of natural alternative medicine, Naturopathy takes a holistic approach to health care, treating both the underlying causes of illness and the presenting symptoms.

A non-invasive method of treatment, naturopathy helps promote self-healing and works to improve overall health and well-being, providing treatment for people of all ages suffering from acute and chronic conditions.

The goal of naturopathy is to regain homeostasis. Homeostasis is the self-regulating mechanism of the body, which maintains the body’s balance, which can be lost during illness.

Utilising a combination of natural therapeutics and healing techniques from herbal medicine and homeopathy, to nutritional supplements and dietary advice, naturopathy encourages the healing power of nature by restoring bodily function and increasing vitality to enable the body to heal.

How can a naturopath help with pregnancy

Naturopathy focuses on improving general health and can help improve the health and well-being of women going through pregnancy. Your health, and that of your growing baby, is the top priority. During pregnancy, a naturopath can support your growing body to adjust to its changes and provide the necessary care during this time.

The first trimester can be challenging for some expectant mothers, with nausea, exhaustion and body aches. A pregnancy naturopath can employ techniques to help improve how you feel and recommend nutritional supplements that may help with these symptoms.

We provide naturopathic pregnancy care to treat everything from nausea to gestational diabetes, sleeplessness to cramping, constipation to migraines and more.

During pregnancy, a naturopath can help you navigate your way through your pregnancy journey by empowering you to be connected to your body, your health and your changing needs.

Naturopathy can also help those planning to become pregnant. Looking after your overall health and well-being is beneficial when trying to conceive. From advice on diet and essential nutrients to helping balance stress levels, a naturopath can provide you with treatment to support your fertility journey.

For those suffering issues with fertility, naturopathy and natural medicine can also be used in conjunction with IVF and pharmaceuticals.

Massage therapies used by naturopaths help relieve discomfort and decrease stress associated with pregnancy. Minimising discomfort and relieving stress can elevate your mood during pregnancy. These techniques can also help lower blood pressure and increase blood flow to internal organs and the baby.

Your nutritional needs will change during your pregnancy as you need to ensure both you and the baby are receiving the right nutrients. We can support you throughout your changes during pregnancy.

Naturopathy offers a non-invasive, gentle treatment option for some symptoms experienced during pregnancy. From dietary advice to exercises, we aim to educate, empower and support you during your pregnancy. We can recommend natural and practical steps to contribute positively to a healthy pregnancy.

Looking after your own health is important to assisting with a healthy pregnancy. Optimal health during pregnancy is important for helping avoid potential complications that may arise. For gentle treatment during pregnancy, our naturopaths in Melbourne can help you take the steps you need to ensure your pregnancy is as healthy as possible.

What are some of the symptoms a naturopath can help with

Naturopathy can help with a wide range of symptoms, both for general health issues and those related to pregnancy and fertility.

Some symptoms naturopathy can help with include:

  • Morning sickness,
  • Fatigue,
  • Stress and anxiety,
  • Sleeping difficulties and insomnia,
  • Digestive issues,
  • Hormonal imbalances,
  • Heartburn,
  • Constipation,
  • Pre-eclampsia,
  • Gestational diabetes, and
  • Haemorrhoids.

Some serious health issues may occur during pregnancy that require conventional medical practitioners, but your pregnancy naturopath can provide additional support and make recommendations that safely combine other treatments and medication to help ensure a healthy birth.

What are the benefits of using a naturopath when pregnant

We believe the best possible birth experience comes from a holistic approach to health and well-being.

It’s common to experience nausea, exhaustion and aching during pregnancy, and naturopathic pregnancy care can help you deal with these symptoms through natural methods rather than relying on medication. They may employ methods such as acupuncture or recommend nutrient supplements.

Maintaining a well balanced diet during pregnancy is important to ensure you’re receiving the necessary nutrients. Ensuring your nutrition is optimal can help your body cope with the demands of labour and help ensure the health of your baby.

Herbal medicine can be used to assist with toning and strengthening the uterus and cervix before birth. This may result in a smoother labour experience. After birth, your naturopath can also advise on remedies to assist with recovery, breastfeeding and promote general well-being.

Naturopathic pregnancy care can be done alongside conventional treatment, to provide additional treatment and support. The non-invasive methods can help put you at ease during a sometimes stressful time.

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Your naturopath helps support your body in a gentle, non-invasive way. At Melbourne Wellness we work in a complimentary way with your GP and obstetrician.

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