Weight Loss and Chinese Medicine

24 October 2017
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Do you lack a sense of general fitness and overall well-being?

Do you easily fatigue or experience shortness of breath upon physical exertion? Would you like to shed some additional weight, toward living a richer, fuller and healthier life?
Traditional Chinese medicine can help you…

Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, dietary adjustments and lifestyle advice may be the answers that you seek.

Ask us how we can help support you along your journey of rediscovery, toward the restoration of your physical health…

There are a few considerations that need to be addressed when undertaking a weight loss regimen. Namely, the underlying cause/s of why the additional weight has been able to accumulate, and the mechanisms associated with preventing the body from metabolising and shifting this additional weight.

Commonly weight gain is associated with one or a combination of the following factors; Poor dietary habits (over consumption and irregular eating habits), leading a sedentary lifestyle (energy intake vs. expenditure), being an emotional eater (commonly a stress response), and the link with a deeper and more complex hormonal imbalance within the body (commonly linked to the Thyroid).

Addressing weight gain can have a variety of positive effects upon reducing any associated health risks. Namely, protecting the body’s internal organs from strain, over-use and decline in function, reducing the likelihood of developing weight associated diseases such as Hypertension and Diabetes, and reducing pain in individuals with weight associated joint dysfunction.

Excess weight may also hamper ones ability to lead a normal and active existence, due to weight becoming an inhibiting factor in daily life. Perpetuating the likelihood of many associated mood disorders.

Healthy Weight-loss is the result of ones efforts to improve their daily lives by addressing their inner-health through the shedding of any unwanted additional weight.

Weight loss treatment involves undertaking regular Acupuncture treatments (weekly/fortnightly), with the addition of concurrent Chinese herbal medicines; specifically tailored to suit the individual and to aid and bolster the treatment regimen. Lastly dietary and lifestyle changes will be addressed and a nutrition plan will be undertaken to help aid the individual’s specific requirements, to compliment their unique constitution.
Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, dietary and lifestyle changes are the leading ways to attain this change.

If you would like further information on what this involves, please contact us here at Melbourne Wellness on 98940014 or book in for a free 15 minute complimentary consultation to discuss whether this might be right for you.

Written by Andrew Chambers, Dr of Chinese Medicine at Melbourne Wellness