Pregnancy at 12 weeks

29 June 2009

I’ve been slack and let 4 weeks slip between updates! So sorry about that. From week 8 – week 10 I started experiencing afternoon nausea that would kick in at 5pm and last until 7pm. I found I was turned off steamed vegetables of all things! The thought of eating broccoli turned my stomach. Now being a naturopath that is a bit of a worry, what do you do? Do I make myself eat something that my intuition tells me not to eat; when I know I need to eat vegetables? I decided to follow my intuition and I stopped my vegetable intake and increased my fruit intake, as at the time I was craving fruit. I still ate a healthy and balanced diet, and tried to get vegetables through fresh juices instead. At week 10 the nausea stopped and I found my aversion to vegetables decreased. I ordered the Book “The Gentle Birthing Method”, by Dr. Gowrie Motha, which is the birthing program that I am following. If you are an expecting mother and you want to decrease your labour time, reduce the rates of tearing and prevent post nasal depression then I highly recommend this book to anyone. I am now following this program strictly with diet – which is a basic naturopathic diet, avoiding wheat, gluten, dairy, sugar, coffee, caffeine etc. Drinking plenty of water, gentle exercise, yoga positions, supplements and herbs as well as a tissue salt routine to prevent stretch marks and tearing. The program also has weekly treatment suggestions like Reflexology, Bowen therapy, Kinesiology, Acupuncture, Osteopathy. At week 11 I was nausea free and feeling fantastic. I started exercising a little harder. Week 12 I have some spotting of old rusty blood, the first day this didn’t concern me. Day 2 I had more spotting so I rang my doctor who suggested I come in for blood tests. He took another HCG (growth hormone) which showed my pregnancy hormones were in the normal range. I did another blood test Saturday to compare the reading (we are looking for a sudden drop in hormone levels that may indicate miscarriage) the levels had dropped, but for week 12 of the pregnancy this is normal as HCG levels drop and then level out. So that was a bit inconclusive. So it is off for an ultrasound tomorrow to confirm what is happening. In the mean time I have prescribed myself herbs, which has reduced the bleeding and tomorrow I will also see my acupuncturist. At this time I’m not too concerned, it not uncommon to spot old blood in the first trimester especially as I am small and I expect my uterus is stretching quickly. However I am sure the ultrasound will confirm things one way or the other. Stay tuned for another update next week, and hopefully I have good news that Bub is ok.