Manage Arthritic Pain Naturally

18 September 2019
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How we helped Marian manage her arthritic pain naturally

Approximately 2 years ago, Marian came into Vital Chi Wellness suffering from painful, debilitating arthritis. Her hands were particularly affected with movement in her hands being impaired significantly. Prescription anti-inflammatories, various medical interventions, and acupuncture were effective for a period, however, no treatment provided her with long term, lasting relief.  Dissatisfied with the ongoing challenge with managing arthritis, and wanting to avoid surgery, she sought out holistic treatment.

 Marian consulted with Lina Capovilla Melbourne Nutritionist and Clinical Naturopath, here at Vital Chi Wellness. The initial consultation consisted of Lina Capovilla obtaining a very thorough medical history about her overall health focussing on her joint health and discussing tests, investigations and treatments.

Marian was provided with a comprehensive tailored treatment plan, which included:    

▪️  Dietary changes focussing on an anti-inflammatory diet

▪️  Lifestyle changes including exercise and sleep information

▪️  Premium quality prescribed practitioner-only nutritional and herbal supplements

 After 1 week of commencing treatment, Marian had profound improvements in her symptoms with mobility of her hands improving dramatically.

As a result of the individualised treatment she was given by Lina Capovilla at Vital Chi Wellness, Marian’s quality of life had improved significantly. “We’ve balanced everything to the point where I’m ok” Marian has stated. She’s enjoyed the holistic approach available at Vital Chi Wellness and has utilised various services including massage and detox foot spas. These therapies have been complimentary to the naturopathic treatment she’s experienced with Lina Capovilla at Vital Chi Wellness.

Marian feels that her overall her pain has improved greatly. Marian is now more active and better able to manage her daily activities -“I can do things I couldn’t before…am more active and able to function better”. She continues to enjoy knitting and has avoided having to undergo surgery.

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This article was written by Lina Capovilla, a Naturopath at Vital Chi Wellness