Health, Pizza and Frustration!!

25 March 2010

If you’re like most people, you have goals and dreams. You have thought about all the amazing things you want in your life. It could be the nice house, the fantastic overseas holiday, the dream job that you actually want to go to on a Monday morning. Perhaps your dream is to be in a fantastic relationship with a partner who adores you and who you are excited to come home and see each night after anther fulfilling and fantastic day at your dream job. Or maybe your dream is to be a super fit and healthy person, experiencing bundles of energy, health and vitality. Free from the fatigue and sluggishness that so many people experience. Or perhaps all of these dreams are yours – you want it all! And why not, why not have and live the dream? Well… that’s in interesting question to ask, reflect and investigate further. Why indeed are most people not actually “living the dream”? Why is it that most people in reality are living a life of frustration and quiet desperation? Why do so many people have amazing, worthwhile and inspiring dreams yet fail to have live and experience them? The answer lies within what we hold important to us, what we value. Look at the word important and think about what it means for a moment. Import – ant, meaning to import. If something is important to us it literally means we want to import or bring it in to our life. The frustration we experience is when we have an outcome based goal that we desire to achieve such as being healthy and vital yet we do not place the level of importance on the behaviours and actions that are required to bring about the achievement or fulfilment of our goal to be healthy and vital. If we accept that in order to be healthy and vital there are several basic fundamental behaviours and strategies we must adopt in order to make health and vitality a virtually dead certainty it is of critical importance then, that we value those behaviours at least as equally as much as we value the goal. Otherwise we will experience frustration, the need for outside motivation, periods of time where we feel like we are ‘sacrificing’ for the sake of the bigger picture. This is the reason so often we fall ‘off track’ with our goals. We set goals that are desirable and alluring for us to achieve yet we fail to pay credence to the actions and our perceptions about those actions required to achieve our goal. So next time you’re finding yourself feeling frustrated ask yourself, if the goal you’re trying to achieve really that important to you? If it is then find a way to make the behaviours required to achieve it (perhaps have a Kinesiology sessionJ) more enjoyable and valuable to you so your inclination, motivation and happiness to engage in them increases. When people love to:

eat healthy fresh, nutrient packed food
exercise every day, increasing their fitness and decreasing their stress levels
have regular, preventative health check ups
commit time and money to maintaining and improving their health
continuing to educate and inform themselves about health and wellness
They certainly make it very easy to achieve the goal of ‘being healthy and vital’ if loving to do the very actions and behaviours that are most likely to bring about the achievement of their goal then it becomes pretty difficult NOT to become healthy and vital… Compared this to the person who loves to:

eat pizza
drink alcohol to excess too often
not get enough sleep
live a chronically stressful life
choose sedentary (often calorie loaded) activities over getting out there and moving and shaking
Which person is more likely to achieve health and vitality doing what they love? To achieve health and vitally and actually still enjoy your life you need to make the ‘health actions and behaviours’ fun, fulfilling and enjoyable to do otherwise your swimming against the current and sooner or later you’ll grow tired of it and give up. This is why will power does not work