Why Is Family Important To Me? By Carol Goddard

22 December 2009

My family are my biggest teachers.
My family are the ones who get to see me in my ‘raw’ state.
They are the ones who get to see me even when I don’t like what is happening, or when I feel my self resisting something, my family are the ones who are best positioned for me to learn from.
Our families are the ones that can usually see through masks we put up, and they are the ones that can push our buttons more than anyone else. So they offer us an amazing opportunity to grow and learn about ourselves. Why do things ‘bug’ us in the family unit? What is the reason for it? If you focus on the problem you can spend years getting upset and caught up in the drama, all it does is lead to further frustration and anger. If you stop and look at the patters, you may just have a learning experience. We can change the questions that we ask ourselves from: Why is this person doing this to me? To: What can I learn from this experience? This is where we can move beyond playing out the childhood belief structures and set ups and interact with each other as adults. I am learning to follow my heart rather than my head. What does that mean? Follow the inner knowing that comes from deep within. Sometimes as I tune into the deep knowing, my old belief patters start to scream out in an effort to stop me from following my heart. That’s when I can step back and look and see what is going on and realize that this is another opportunity for me to learn. Then it is about integrating the learning into my life so that the next interaction I have is from an expanded space. For me this is the way, and it saves me recreating the same scenario over and over again, sound familiar? This way I get to work it out, integrate it and then open myself for my next learning. What fun! For me this is the playground where I get to expand and remind myself that if nothing changes then nothing changes……. I get to learn about me from the people that come into my life. And I get to experience love and gratitude for each experience along the way.