Sweating is important for your health!

24 November 2016
Chiro Blog sweat

Did you know sweating is important for your health?

We all know there are many factors to health, one aspect that is overlooked is the importance of flushing out toxins that we have been exposed to through our food or environment.

Have you ever wondered what has great detox-ing abilities? You would be surprised, it is not those detox teas!


Sweat contains heavy metal toxins such as lead, arsenic, cadmium & mercury!
A meta-analysis conducted in 2012 concluded that sweat contains more concentration of heavy metals than blood or urine.

So what does this all mean? That you need to find ways to sweat in your life!
This is were exercise can help! Having a good, regular exercise regime is important to enhancing you health. Remember the harder you work, the more you sweat. Therefore, powering through your workout with maximum mobility and strength is what you want.

Maximising mobility and function of your body & spine is one of the main goals of chiropractors and may also greatly assist with injury prevention.

Don’t let these barriers stop you from achieving your health goals.

Make an appointment with our chiropractor today to assess the functions of your body and spine and make the most of your workouts.


Written by Dr Diana Pakzamir