Reset your body post lockdown with manual lymphatic drainage massage

13 November 2020
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The last few months have been challenging. Our normal lifestyles were in limbo, social distancing was enforced, and stringent hygiene practices were put in place to fight off that invisible enemy.

As restrictions are being lifted, new challenges face us. We’ve led an indoors existence for a number of months and almost every type of event or activity became digitised. Most likely a return to “normality” is now a daunting prospect. You may ask yourselves if you have the energy to deal with reality as you hit a moment of anxiety. Our bodies may feel sluggish, so too our mental state. As we gradually ease out of lockdown, this is really a good time to spring clean our bodies so as to be able to face the next phase of life.

Enter the lymphatic system

We’ve written about the importance of a healthy lymphatic system and ways to keep your lymphatic system healthy. Our lymphatic system (i.e. our bodies waste removal system) relies on the movement of your body to transport lymphatic fluid to the heart and circulate it around the body. Our lymphatic system also works closely with our immune system, to help fight infection and viruses. Being more sedentary over the last few months means that our lymphatic system may not be working optimally.

How is your Lymphatic System functioning?

Ask yourselves the following questions:

  • Do you feel sluggish, both physically and mentally? 

  • Has your waistline expanded, do you have a puffy tummy? 

  • Do you feel sore and stiff upon waking? 

  • Do you have heavy legs and feet? 

  • Are you sinusey, or headachy? 

  • Perhaps your digestion is not so wonderful? 

  • Are you feeling foggy in the head and finding it hard to make decisions and ignite a spark of enthusiasm in your life?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, then your Lymphatic System certainly needs a tune up.

How manual lymphatic drainage massage can help

Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) massage is a gentle and rhythmic pumping skin massage technique that not only improves the circulation of lymph fluid but also helps increase blood flow in the deep and superficial veins. MLD also helps reduce stress levels and generally harmonises both body and mind.

A healthy lymphatic system means that its task of getting rid of metabolic wastes, excess fluids, bacteria and inflammatory substances is managed more efficiently. A congested lymph system, on the other hand, can lead to serious illness and chronic diseases.

As it is, the lymph fluid moves at a very slow pace. Out of the approximate 12 litres of lymph fluid in our bodies, only about 1.5 to 2 litres of fluid circulate throughout our bodies on a daily basis so it can take up to a week before the lymph fluid has reached its complete journey. That’s a very slow transport system! Under stress, the lymph moves at an even slower pace causing a lot of congestion which can then lead to fatigue, lethargy, “foggy” brain, lowered immune response, a slower healing or recovery pace and even increased levels of pain.

With regular help from MLD, circulation can increase the flow of lymph to anywhere between 15-30 litres a day. This increased pace of flow influences a far more efficient removal of toxins which would otherwise sit in our systems for longer periods, which would then result in a poorer defence against viruses and infections.

Our Melbourne Wellness massage therapists are trained in manual lymphatic drainage massage. To find out how an MLD treatment can help "spring clean" your body, increase your energy and support your lymphatic system contact us now.