Reaction – Return To Normal Health

22 September 2014
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What happens during the initial phases of healing? Why do I sometimes feel worse after a treatment? Why do I feel tired after a treatment? Do you find yourself asking these questions once you’ve begun Chiropractic care? If so, read on to better understand why this happens, and help understand why this is actually a GOOD thing! Your body is changing! When undergoing Chiropractic adjustments to re-align and stabilise the spine, it is not unusual to experience varying degrees of discomfort and symptomatic disturbances. These discomforts are a part of what we term REACTION.

Reaction is the body’s response to an adjustment. An adjustment allows the spinal column to normalize itself. Following an adjustment, irritation of the nerves is reduced, muscle tone is improved, discs reshape to provide better cushioning between vertebrae, and tension on cartilage caused by stress is reduced. Reaction occurs most commonly between the third and tenth adjustment, but may vary with the individual and the severity of their condition. If or when reaction occurs it may last from one to several days, but in the majority of cases diminishes in two to three days. Approximately 50% of chiropractic patients may experience reaction. If you are among this group spinethere is no cause for alarm. Reaction is a healthy change occurring within the body.

spine1 150x150The mechanics of the change can best be understood by explaining that the spine is being adjusted to a normal position. Therefore there is an element of physical change, which involves your bones, muscles, ligaments, blood vessels, connective tissue and cartilage. All of these tissues and structures must adapt to the new, normal position. This adaptation process, which is part of the change to a healthier condition in the body, is often accompanied by reaction. Keep in mind that any reaction following a chiropractic adjustment is due to the removing of obstructions caused by pressure on the spinal nerves and is, in fact, a sure sign that the normal flow of nerve energy is being restored to the affected areas. In that sense then, we can say that REACTION is simply another way of saying REACTIVATION, which is nature’s way of telling you that you are getting well. Straightening spines is similar to straightening teeth; both take time and repeated treatments. Either may cause some discomfort. It’s important that if you have any concerns throughout your care, please ask your practitioner. Education is power – the more you know about your body and it’s healing, the more empowered you are to achieve wellbeing.

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