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12 March 2024
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Dopamine and Food Addiction:

You have heard before how dopamine hijacks the brain to create habits and addictions.

Dopamine isn't a complete villain in this scenario. Sometimes we need a shot of dopamine to stay motivated, complete tasks and stay focused.

In this case, we are looking at the downside of dopamine when unhealthy food habits are created. Now, this isn't a judgement about good and bad, its a discussion that is nuanced in habits that achieve goals versus habits that subvert goals.

Hopefully, this article provides some positive actions to deal with habits that aren't in your best interest.

The Dopamine Connection
Now, think about those irresistible snacks loaded with sugar, fat, or salt. They're not just tasty; they're like a dopamine jackpot for our brain. It's like a burst of happiness, making us crave those snacks more and more.
But here's the plot twist: the more we indulge, the more our brain gets used to it. It's like a roller coaster that needs bigger loops for the same thrill. Cue the "dopamine connection" – those snacks become a shortcut to pleasure, creating a cycle of cravings and consumption.

What can you do to stop the cycle?
1. Understand why you want to change the cycle. Is it to have more energy, improve body composition, or change your mood? Being clear about the purpose for your change will enhance the success of any change.

2. Nutrient-dense foods tend to be more satiating and create less of a dopamine response. Think whole foods, protein, low-sugar fruit, and wholegrain cereals. The added benefit is that whole foods tend to be less inflammatory which makes them less fatiguing and supports mental and emotional clarity.

3. Mindful eating and taking pride in preparing food. Taking time to enjoy food and the preparation of nutritious whole foods may improve your ability to enjoy natural foods and identify your hunger and satiety triggers.

The Melbourne Wellness blog article "Unveiling the connection: Food addiction and the dopamine dance" goes into more detail about how the dopamine connection works and some actions to support change. Read our blog HERE


This month our favourite product is Stem Factor by Osmosis.

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There is a lot of talk about hyperbaric oxygen - but what is it?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT for short) is a treatment that creates pressure equivalent to 1.5 to 3 atmospheres while being supported with 95% to 100% oxygen.

There are different HBOT chambers, but the principle is effectively the same—use pressure to help oxygen enter the bloodstream to be used for healing and energy production.

Oxygen is as vital to metabolic activity as water.....and in some ways even more can live about 3 days without water and about 4-6 minutes without oxygen!

Your blood cells are already 95% oxygen-saturated. Just breathing more oxygen will not change the oxygen in your bloodstream by much. However, using pressure, oxygen can enter your bloodstream, think the spaces between your blood cells, to be transported around the body to be used in cell activities.

Watch a short explanation of why Lebron James uses a portable HBOT here on YOUTUBE.

You can also download our Introduction to HBOT guide HERE