Lets Talk about Gut Health

18 March 2019
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Hello Monday and welcome to another sunshine filled day in Melbourne ☀️
Today I wanted to give you some basic tips on maintaining gut health which is fundamental to good mental and physical health.
▪️Eat nutrient dense whole foods
▪️Eat healthy fats
▪️Include green leafy vegetables in your diet every day
▪️Choose pro-biotic food
▪️Reduce processed sugar from your diet
▪️Connect with nature as often as possible
▪️Reduce chemicals and exposure to toxins
▪️Minimise stress
▪️Exercise regularly
Many of you know that our body systems have a complex interrelationship. The systems depend on one another to perform optimally and often there is more than one body system playing a role in illness and disease.
If you are suffering from health conditions that are difficult to understand or treat, call us to discuss a holistic approach to your health and wellbeing.
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