How to boost your health with a detox

9 November 2020
Detox metagenics

A detox plan can supercharge your health goals. It’s important to consider how to maximise your detox to achieve what you want from it rather than using a one size fits all approach.

First things first - what is a detox?

A detox program supports your bodies natural process to remove toxins from the body. You already have a detox system in the body including the liver, kidneys, colon and skin. A focused detox program supports and optimise the normal detox process.

The effect toxins can have on your body includes:

  • Causing inflammation and damage to your gastrointestinal lining that can increase the likelihood of toxins entering your body rather than being eliminated
  • Affecting how your cells function and produce the energy which can lead to hormonal imbalances and systemic inflammation

Melbourne Wellness naturopaths work with clients to create individualised approaches to empowering the body to detox efficiently. Our natural health specialists work with you to change your diet, educate you about lifestyle practices, and consider nutritional supplements and herbs that support your body’s immune system.

7 health signals that you need to detox

The signs that you may need support to empower your natural detox process include:

  • Gastrointestinal: bloating, reflux, inconsistent bowel movements (constipation, diarrhoea), pain, indigestion, bad breath, stomach upset
  • Skin: breakouts, acne, eczema, rashes
  • Hormones: irregular mensutral cycle, painful periods, PMS, mood swings, fluid retention, low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, low energy, hair loss, low mood
  • Mental and physical fatigue
  • Brain fog, headaches, difficulty concentrating
  • Seasonal allergies, food intolerances
  • Difficulty losing weight

Is a detox program right for you now?

The question our Melbourne Wellness naturopaths ask their clients is what are your health and wellbeing goals? Goals that can be supported with a detox include:

  • Aiming to make healthy diet and lifestyle habits
  • Increase energy and reduce fatigue
  • Planning to start a family
  • Addressing exposure to environmental toxins and chemicals – cosmetics, cleaning products, recreational drugs, heavy metals, herbicides or pesticides
  • Assisting with brain fog, bloating, heartburn
  • Just know that you are not feeling 100 per cent

Before you start

It is important to have your current health reviewed by a practitioner and have a tailored plan specifically for you as everyone’s metabolism and constitution is different.

If you have the following criteria, it is important to support all your body systems as you may experience some adverse effect:

  • Taking prescribed medications including oral contraceptive pill (may affect the metabolism of the medication)
  • Chronic health conditions including autoimmune conditions
  • Chronic pain
  • Heavy painful periods
  • Chronic skin conditions

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