Foods to stimulate your metabolism and help fat burning!

22 May 2012

Metabolism is the process where your body converts food into energy, or fat if the energy in via food is greater than the energy you expend. So, if you have a fast metabolism, you will burn energy more quickly thereby storing less fat, and making it easier to lose weight. In future blogs, we’ll discuss various methods including excercise to help to increase and maintain your metabolism, however today we’re looking at foods which stimulate your metabolism.

Green tea – Full of antioxidants, it also aids to boost metabolism.

Spicy foods – Chilli, peppers, tabasco sauce, cinnamon & fresh ginger – which increase your body’s temperature therefore helping to burn fat.

Coconut – Touted as a super food, coconut has a myriad of benefits. It helps to increase metabolism and energy expenditure (fat burning) and helps you to feel full faster. Use coconut oil in cooking.

Iodine Rich foods – These stimulate the thyroid gland thereby boosting metabolism, as thyroid hormones regulate energy production and metabolism. This is especially effective if thyroid function is low.

Soybeans & soy foods contain lecithin which break down fatty acids and help protect your cells from accumulating fat.

Berries – another superfood! These are a sensational source of antioxidants, helping to protect your body from harmful free radicals which are produced by the body’s normal metabolism. Also great for boosting your immune system!

Apples – High in pectin a soluble fibre, apples aid in controlling cholesterol balance whilst providing a healthy low GI food.

Apple Cider Vinegar – Recent research demonstrates that acetic acid in vinegar helps to increase metabolism. In a study of 175 overweight Japanese men and women, those who consumed a drink containing either one or two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar daily for 12 weeks had a lower BMI (body mass index) than the group that didn’t consume any.

Oats – Rich in water-soluable fibre, oats are proven to reduce cholesterol by binding to it and removing it from the body. It’s also a great source of B vitamins which help convert carbohydrates to energy and encourage a faster rate of digestion. They’re an awesome breakfast food, kick starting your metabolism, keeping you satisfied longer and providing you with a slow sustained release of energy (low GI) which help to reduce those cravings. So, increase these foods in your diet and nurture your metabolism to work at it’s optimum, helping you maintain your healthy weight.

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