Fat Free and Diet Foods

22 January 2010

These foods have to be the biggest false advertising stunt we have seen. They are marketed at vulnerable people that are desperate for change. If you’ve ever struggled to keep your weight under control, you’re probably already aware of these foods and have experienced that the fat free foods don’t help. A diet too low in good fats leaves you feeling depressed and battling food cravings not to mention a number of health risks.

When fat has been removed from foods a lot of the taste has been removed, leaving the food tasteless and unappealing. The Food industry is aware of this, so by taking out the fat they instead pack their low fat processed food with sugar, salt, fructose, msg, artificial sweeteners and other bad things to make the food sell. If you think about it, Society today are eating a diet much lower in fat than our grandparents and parents, however we are a fatter society, it has to make you think? We already naturally make fat due to our own hormones – insulin and cortisol. It is our diets high in refined sugars and carbohydrates that are the primary reasons behind the increase of these fattening hormones. In fact amazingly enough you should be avoiding the processed, colourfully packaged unhealthy foods in your supermarket more than fat.

There are other factors that increase fat producing hormones such as lack of sleep, high stress, calorie restriction diets and lack of exercise. If you occasionally find yourself reaching for any of the above top 10 most unhealthy foods, don’t be too hard on yourself, the best thing to do is acknowledge the slip up, and get right back on the healthy road to life. The worst thing you can do is give up because you were tempted, it’s ok, just pick yourself up and start again. Try to avoid eating them even once a week is to much and remind yourself of the fantastic way your body looks and feels while avoiding them.

I hope this top 10 list has helped you notice the unhealthy foods that are so commonly found on our supermarket shelves. Pat yourself on the back, now that you’re more educated on the topic. Knowledge is the most priceless thing you can give yourself and you have just begun your personal journey to taking responsibility for your choice in foods. Instead of being cleverly tricked by manufacturers, advertisers and even your supermarkets that promote these unhealthy foods as healthy. A clever trick is always eating before going to the supermarket and take a prepared list and STICK to it. That way you avoid buying foods that are unhealthy and that you really don’t need. I usually plan the weeks 5 dinners allowing 2 to be flexible. That way I buy the ingredients for the meals at one time limiting the amount I need to step into a supermarket, and I cook the meals I plan, that way temptation of take away or poorly prepared meals is extinguished. As adults we still have a chance to change our eating habits and enjoy life to the fullest and taking responsibility for our health and choosing the right foods for our bodies to survive. Bad eating not only puts our health at risk, our children mimic our eating, if we give them the right choice in the beginning we are setting them up for a long and healthy life instead of obesity, diabetes, heart conditions, arthritis, allergies, skin conditions, the list goes on. It isn’t fair on them, I feel, bad eating examples are just as bad as smoking close to children or allowing them to drink alcohol.

Good luck! Tess Sweeney