Aspartame (artificial sweetner): Number 6

14 January 2010

Also known as Equal or NutraSweet

A common comment I hear as a natural health practitioner from clients is “ I’m really good I don’t eat sugar I only have Equal or other artificial sweetners in my drinks”. It is the media and advertising industry that has guided people to the unfortunate choice of these sugars that are in no way a healthier option.In fact a little bit of real sugar is a much healthier choice.

So why is Aspartame bad for you?

Aspartame is broken down or metabolised into the well known toxin, methanol (wood alcohol)
Methanol is then converted to formaldehyde and formic acid (which is responsible for the pain caused by ant stings).
Formaldehyde is a potent neurotoxin and causes damage to the nervous system, and was used in ancient Egypt to mummify bodies.
There are other documented effects of methanol poisoning including vision problems and problems with DNA replication which can cause cancer and birth defects. It has been found that even very small amounts of aspartame can be toxic if taken on a daily basis. The metabolism of aspartame and it’s toxic byproducts is increased when digested on an empty stomach. The worst thing is that the most common people who use this artificial sweetener are in fact dieters eating unhealthy foods and meal replacers jam packed full of aspartame.

In 1993 Aspartame was approved for use in foods that are heated to high temperatures such as jellies, cakes, biscuits and puddings, however when aspartame is heated to temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius, it causes large amounts of free methanol to be produced, resulting in greater toxic reactions due to faster absorption.

The following are a few of the toxic reactions caused by Aspartame and acknowledged by the FDA: • ADHD • Anxiety attacks • Asthma • Birth defects • Blood sugar control problems • Chronic cough • Chronic fatigue • Depression • Headaches and Migraines • Facial flushing • Heart palpitations • Hearing loss • Insomnia • Numbness or Tingling of extremities • Seizures and convulsions • Tinnitus • Vertigo • Vision loss • Weight gain

If you are in the least bit interested in eating a healthy diet, it is pretty easy to avoid aspartame as aspartame is found in unhealthy foods and drinks, that healthy diets don’t consume.