Appreciating the year that was 2012!

3 January 2013
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Embrace happiness: As 2012 comes to a close, we often look forward and wish for better year ahead. Long lists of New Year’s resolutions are constructed with many mirroring unfulfilled ones from previous years. We read articles or books and invest considerable energy into ensuring we attain our goals this time! But, do we ever reflect on the year that was and take time to appreciate the highs and learn from the lows or challenges?

Reflecting on past achievements and challenges can often put us in a better mindset regarding how we approach the future. Take time to consider 2012, all your achievements and the good times that make you smile, or make your heart swell with pride. Consider the times when you had a good chuckle or just felt at peace or calm and happy in the world. Now, write them down. Rather than putting all your energy into writing your goals for the future, write down the memorable moments you had in 2012. Write down all that you are thankful for, including all the special moments in the last year. List all the wonderful people who have crossed your path including family and friends, and all the heart-warming times you’ve had.

Focus on gratitude. There may have been some challenging and trying times over the past year, when you found yourself struggling for whatever reason. Reflect on these also, and find the value in these experiences, see the learning and appreciate how you’ve grown from these events. Guaranteed, if you take some time to do this, you’ll find that you embrace 2013 with far more energy, appreciation and anticipation than you may have otherwise. You’ll approach the New Year and your goals with more wisdom and your list of new years resolutions may be more aligned to what is really important to you. You’ll also be in a far better position to fulfil those New Year’s resolutions, as you’ll approach them from a more grounded perspective. Remember, it’s not what happens to us that define us, it’s how we perceive, react and learn from those experiences. Happy New Year, have a safe and wonderful holiday period and may 2013 bring you lots to be thankful for and fulfil all your aspirations and desires. Much love, joy, happiness, great health, success and gratitude for the new year! 

Lina Capovilla