7 natural keys to supporting immune health

20 August 2020
7 ways to support immune health website

Maintaining a healthy immune system is one of the best ways that you, and your family, can help ward off sickness (especially during winter).

7 ways to support your immune system naturally:

1. Eat a nutrient rich diet: consume lots of fresh veggies & fruit. Nutrients such as zinc (oysters, beef, pumpkin seeds), and vitamins C (broccoli, papaya, capsicum), E (nuts, seeds and green leafy vegetables) & A (eggs, liver, fish) will help keep your immune system strong

2. Ensue adequate Vitamin D levels: Spend time each day outside in the sun ever day, or supplement if needed (under the guidance of a qualified practitioner). Research shows that Vitamin D supports healthy immune function and insufficient levels may cause dysregulated immune response

3. Keep hydrated: aim to drink at least 2 litres of filtered water, herbal tea or sparkling water per day.

4. Sleep: ensure you're sleeping at least 8 hours per night,and create a nightly ritual to ensure quality sleep (e.g. limit your exposure to blue light at night, diffuse lavender essential oil, write your thoughts down in a journal)

5. Manage stress levels: spend time each day moving and try restorative practices including yoga, Qigong and meditation. Ensure to create boundaries between work and home life, and do an activity every day that you enjoy!

6.Hygiene: wash your hands regularly with natural soap and water, or hand sanitiser, and try to maintain physical distancing when required

7. Connect: research shows that social contentedness strengthens our immune system and helps us recover quicker from illness. Spend quality time with your family, housemate, or partner by sharing a meal together or engaging in an activity you both enjoy, and/or connect virtually with friends and colleagues

If you want a personalised approach to supporting you and your families immune health, contact us to book with one of our Melbourne Naturopaths/Nutritionists.