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Myotherapy Melbourne

What is myotherapy?

Myotherapy uses assessments, treatments and pain management to address soft tissue injury and restricted joint mobility. It is an incredible solution to targeting and treating chronic pain and avoid intrusive surgery.

How can myotherapy help me?

Myotherapy treats overuse injuries, muscle pain, poor posture, headaches, including a variety of musculoskeletal conditions:

What can I expect during a myotherapy session?

One of our specialist myotherapists will begin the session by evaluating your medical history and presenting conditions. You may be asked to bring any scans (MRI, X-RAY, CT) and results to the consultation.

A sequence of postural, muscular and neurological assessments will take place. This initial examination is important for our myotherapist to understand your discomfort levels as well as track your improvement over treatments. 

Once the assessment is complete, your myotherapist will discuss a specialised treatment plan. This may include some of the following techniques depending on your needs.

  • remedial massage
  • myofascial dry needling
  • cupping
  • muscle stretching
  • myofascial release and electrical stimulation

Myotherapy treatment

A form of physical therapy used to treat or prevent soft tissue pain and restricted joint movement, Myotherapy is a specialised type of remedial massage focused on decreasing muscular pain.

Myotherapy can help with prevention, assessment, early intervention and treatment of injuries and pain and the ongoing management of chronic musculoskeletal conditions.

Treatment may focus on restoring optimal activity, reducing the likelihood of further injury and keeping you moving and performing at your best. The treatment you receive from a myotherapist will depend on your condition.

Myotherapists use a trigger-point release method and a variety of other techniques to relieve muscle and myofascial pain. Trigger-points are sensitive areas of tight muscle fibres, typically formed by overuse. Sometimes an injury or dysfunction of a muscle can lead to referred pain in a nearby area.

You can visit a specialist myotherapist in Blackburn at any stage of your condition. You don’t need to be in pain. Your myotherapist will work with you to identify factors that may be contributing to your condition or making it worse. They will help you find ways to avoid or reduce these factors.

Myotherapy uses clinical reasoning, hands-on therapy, problem-solving and planning to design and implement treatment and management programs specific to the clients’ needs and health outcomes.

For a condition that cannot be changed, your myotherapist will develop a pain management program, which may involve a referral to other healthcare professionals.

Myotherapy Melbourne

During your first visit, you will receive a thorough examination. The myotherapist will examine and manipulate the affected joints and associated muscles, and test your reflexes.

Specialist myotherapists in Blackburn use a range of techniques such as massage and stretching to help reduce pain and improve mobility. The myotherapist may refer you to other healthcare professionals for further diagnosis or treatment, depending on your condition.

For Myotherapy treatment in Melbourne, visit our specialist myotherapists at Melbourne Wellness. Contact our team today to make an appointment.



I have been seeing Shiho for nearly 6 months. I found her really knowledgeable, caring, considerate and attention to detail. She is not just looking after the issue I have but also my “mindset” that she finds it connects to our body! She is like my soulmate who understands me a lot and gradually, she finds out the "cause" of my issue and tackle it with her treatment. I am really happy with her service and her positive energy.


So Kawai

Emily is an absolute angel. Not only has she transformed my skin to a better version of itself, she continuously imparts amazing knowledge on life which has directly and positively impacted my general well being. She is that healthy glow everyone needs in their life.

Valentine Paris

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