Reflexology and Cancer

Reflexology is a fantastic supportive therapy for people going through cancer. Cancer is not a new illness, it has been documented in pre-Columbian mummies and in Egyptian papyri.

While modern oncology intervention has its place in the medical field, it is also noted that modern medicine focuses on the part of the body that contains the cancer but not on the person, with emphasis on the symptom itself instead of the cause of the disease.

A holistic approach, on the other hand, treats the person as a whole entity rather than in sections of illness. After all, cancer affects the mind, body and spirit, so it makes sense that the whole be treated also.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is an ancient healing art that treats a person holistically.

It is a special foot massage that works by applying pressure on reflex points that correspond to the parts, organs and glands of the body, thus providing a body massage without the need for taking the clothes off.

Research has discovered that reflexology helps alleviate anxiety and pain for patients with cancer. Even a short treatment can provide relief from pain and nausea, particularly when undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Interestingly a sketch has been discovered in an Egyptian pyramid by a scientist showing a man massaging another man’s foot; maybe he was having some reflexology to help alleviate pain and anxiety!

How can a Melbourne Wellness Practitioner help me?

Mafalda our highly experience Reflexologist has been working as a Reflexology Volunteer with cancer patients over the last 5 years at the Peter Mac Callum Cancer Centre in East Melbourne. She is highly experienced when it comes to supporting the physical and emotional needs of people experiencing cancer.

What others have to say…

What have others said about Mafalda’s treatments?

The feedback from patients, carers and staff has been hugely rewarding for Mafalda, which is her inspiration for her continual commitment to the Peter Mac Centre. It is also very rewarding to know that Oncologists appreciate the Volunteer’s dedication in the CDU.

Patients have reported that reflexology is very effective in:

How can Reflexology Help Me?

Reflexology is designed to help patients cope on three levels:

  • Physical, Mental and Emotional.
  • Physical benefits include:
    Improved appetite
  • A sharper sense of taste
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Increase in energy levels
  • Reduced Lymphoedema and fluid retention
  • Improved post-treatment detoxification
  • Improved lymphatic circulation
  • Stronger immune system

Mentally and emotionally research has proven that Reflexology helps:

  • Reduce depression associated with cancer
  • Reduces anxiety associated with cancer

Please note that Reflexology does not claim to cure cancer. Reflexology simply stimulates the body to help heal its self. Reflexology, however, does provide great emotional, spiritual and physical support to patients with any type of cancer in any stage of illness, whether undergoing treatment, or in remission.


I have been seeing Shiho for nearly 6 months. I found her really knowledgeable, caring, considerate and attention to detail. She is not just looking after the issue I have but also my “mindset” that she finds it connects to our body! She is like my soulmate who understands me a lot and gradually, she finds out the "cause" of my issue and tackle it with her treatment. I am really happy with her service and her positive energy.


So Kawai

Emily is an absolute angel. Not only has she transformed my skin to a better version of itself, she continuously imparts amazing knowledge on life which has directly and positively impacted my general well being. She is that healthy glow everyone needs in their life.

Valentine Paris

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