Kinesiology for Kids

Is your child;

  • Having problems concentrating at school?
  • Wetting the bed at night?
  • Having temper tantrums and behavioral problems?
  • Having trouble dealing with day to day life?
  • Suffering anxiety or depression?
  • Having trouble sleeping at night?

Your children may find it difficult to express themselves. Perhaps they are not yet talking, or don’t yet have the vocabulary to share with you how they’re feeling and what they need. Often children cry when they are overwhelmed and unable to communicate their desires and feelings.


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How does Kinesiology for Children work?

Muscle testing is a gentle and fast tool used in Kinesiology that can easily determine the needs and stresses in your child’s life. Imagine being able to ask your child exactly what they don’t like about sleeping in their bed or what they are learning at school. Kinesiology utilises muscle testing as a bio-feedback system and subtle techniques to release emotions, stresses and confusion from your child’s system, enabling their true radiant self to shine through.

Kinesiology is a very safe and gentle vibrational medicine that can “talk to” your child’s system to determine and release blocks that are inhibiting their natural abundant energy, health and happiness.

Kinesiology is suitable for children of all ages. It can even help you to communicate with your baby in the womb! Setting up a healthy and loving environment for your expected child is so important. Kinesiology can ease stress and worry about child birth and provide a calm and safe environment for your child before they venture into the big wide world.

Brain Gym

Brain gym may be something you have heard about or experienced? This program is a simple set of acupressure points (linked to the Chinese meridian system) that, when stimulated, greatly assist children with learning difficulties, concentration problems and many other imbalances.

Kinesiology uses these same acupressure points and the knowledge of certain points to reset and integrate any blocks in your child’s neural connections. Sometimes these blocks can be emotional, as children can be very sensitive to the emotions of those around them (including your own.) Kinesiology helps to release these emotions and create healthy boundaries to protect the beautiful and gentle nature of your child.

Free Energy Balance Check

As a special service to our clients, Vital chi is pleased to offer your child a FREE 15 minute Body Energy Balance conducted by our Melbourne Kinesiologists. This is a great way to find out your child’s energy balance and see how this amazing therapy works. Contact us now on (03) 9894 0014 to book in for your free check-up.

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