Are you feeling tired, stressed, acidic or out of balance? Is losing weight a problem? Are you suffering from allergies, rashes, flatulence, sluggishness, swollen joints, insomnia and lack of clarity just to name a few problems?

Then you could be described as having a classic case of toxic overload, a situation that causes an electrolyte imbalance in your cells. Further implications include lack of absorption of nutrients and an inefficient eliminatory system. Serious medical conditions generally follow and life becomes a misery.

A traditional detoxification program ― fasting, drinking herbal teas, eating bland foods will assist in getting rid of stagnating toxic residues, but your lifestyle and work commitments may make it difficult for you to cope with a restricted diet program or you may be looking at additional assistance to the program you are already undertaking.


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Like to feel great in a 30 minute treatment?

Then try a detox foot spa. Relaxing and harmonizing, a detox foot spa is an easy, quick and non-invasive treatment that will help eliminate toxic wastes and heavy metals from the body. Feet contain thousands of large pores which are linked to the lymphatic system, the body’s natural detox zone.

What happens during a treatment?

Did you know that you have over 2000 large pores on the souls of your feet? Did you know that heavy metals and toxins are stored as far away from your brain and heart as possible to prevent damage to these vital organs? So where do you think a lot of your toxins are stored in your body? That’s right your feet!

Detox foot baths provide a detoxifying stimulation and harmonizing effect on the lymphatic system and the body’s energetic field. While your feet are soaking in warm water mixed with detoxifying and cleansing Himalayan crystal salts, toxins are drawn out through these large pores on the souls of your feet. A few minutes into your treatment the colour of the water will begin to change; this first reaction is due to the reaction between the array (electrode) and the saline mixture. As the treatment progresses, toxins will gradually be released into the water causing the water to change into a great variety of different colours that can then be interpreted to which organs are under the greatest toxic load.

Toxins accumulate in our bodies through exposure to the air around us and the effects of things like stress, pollution, smoking, prescription drugs, alcohol and diet. To the get the full benefit of this extremely effective and relaxing treatment, you will generally require between 5 to 10 treatments for the body to release the majority of accumulated toxins.

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