Are you getting what you want out of life?

Listen to the signs in your life: feelings of fear, frustration, inhibition or behaviour changes and relationship difficulties…these could be indicators that your coping strategies are not currently effective.

It’s Healthy to Ask for Help

We all can feel like we have lost ourselves. Here’s some good news: it’s not too late to re-establish a healthy, more authentic sense of self.

Vital chi’s holistic counsellors can help you address the changes you need to make in your life by first turning to someone you can trust.

Your Friends Can’t Always Help

It’s hard to resolve our internal thoughts alone: we all need people we can talk to.

Good friends are people who are emotionally involved in your life. While they can be excellent listeners, you might need more of a balanced perspective about what to do next.

You need space to speak in confidence—without judgment—and that’s exactly what Vital chi will provide.

Get the Tools to Equip Yourself

Having a place to clear your head is most important to our holistic counsellors. A listener who is removed from your situation is priceless. In an appointment with a holistic counsellor, your anonymity allows you to speak uncensored to a rational, calm, objective other. holistic counselling, counsels your mind, body and spirit, how empowering is that?


Change your life now and book an appointment for Holistic Counselling

You can easily reserve an appointment with our online facilities. If you’ve come this far, it’s not much further to getting to a place of calm where you can collect yourself.

Receive the Benefits you Deserve

At Vital chi we want you to have a place to unload and recharge.

It can be easy to change your life around—you just have to go to the people who can help. Make an appointment to adjust your lifestyle now!

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