How do I know if Chiropractic care is for me?

The main focus of a chiropractor is to restore motion to your spine and enhance the communication of the nervous system, some of the key signs that you could benefit from a chiropractor include:

  • When you look in the mirror, you notice that one shoulder is higher than the other, or you have a slight head tilt
  • You have reduced range of motion when turning your head from one side to the other
  • You’ve been in an accident and/or experienced trauma of some kind
  • You have headaches and/or a fuzziness in the head
  • You keep getting sick and just can’t shake the last cold you had
  • You are pregnant, or are looking to get pregnant
  • You are experiencing a lot of stress in your life
  • In children, clumsiness, frequent ear infections or learning challenges can indicate poor spinal health
  • You want to enhance your wellbeing and see the value in looking after your health
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Chiropractic care is for everyone! Just like sending your car off to the mechanic for a service or regular dental check-ups, it is important to have your spine and nervous system checked regularly with our chiropractor in Melbourne. This helps to promote smooth and optimal function of the spine and nervous system which enhances health and wellbeing.

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a natural approach to better health. It is based on the science and philosophy of recognising and respecting the body’s innate healing ability. Chiropractic focuses on the relationship between the spine and the nervous system. A healthy spine is essential for optimal health and wellbeing!

Many factors contribute to the state of your health, but one of the most important – yet one of the most neglected – is the function and balance of your nervous system. Your nervous system is the master control system of the body – it coordinates and controls the function of virtually every cell, tissue and organ. Your nervous system keeps you alive and healthy! The spine encases and protects the delicate spinal cord. Tension or abnormal motion of the spine results in interference with normal nerve function and brain to body communication. This interference is termed a SUBLUXATION.

The ramifications of interference in normal nerve flow are dis-ease or dis-harmony within the body. Chiropractors focus on improving the function of your spine – helping information to run freely throughout your nervous system.

What causes a Subluxation?

Stressors! Things that cause tension to the body or alter the state of balance. Stress can be categorised into three types:

Physical Stressors:

  • Accidents
  • Falls
  • Slips
  • Car accidents
  • Sport injuries
  • Prolonged ‘abnormal’ postures
  • Repetitive overuse movements or positions
  • And the BIRTH process.

Chemical Stressors:

  • Toxins
  • Additives
  • Flavourings
  • Preservatives
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Medications
  • Environmental pollutants
  • Electro Magnetic Radiation

Mental and Emotional Stressors:

  • Upsets
  • Arguments
  • Work pressure
  • Peer pressure
  • Relationship drama
  • Financial worry

What is a Chiropractic Adjustment and is it safe?

Adjustments are a specific, non-invasive force or motion applied to the spine to restore movement, improve function and stimulate the nervous system. Adjustments are very safe. The New Zealand Government’s “Commission of Inquiry into Chiropractic” concluded that; “spinal adjusting is a vital, very safe and clinically effective form of health care”.

Chiropractors have more thorough training in spinal mechanics and spinal care than any other health professional. Furthermore, chiropractic is scientifically based. Techniques vary from chiropractor to chiropractor and are tailored to each patient. Our Melbourne Chiropractor Dr Diana Pakzamir employs gentle manual adjusting in conjunction with other techniques to ensure a safe and effective adjustment.

Holistic Chiropractic care is Vital for good Health

Chiropractic has been developed around these 4 self-evident truths

1. The body is a self healing, self regulating organism.

2. The nervous system is responsible for coordinating the function of every cell, tissue & organ in the body.

3. Subluxations (spinal misalignment) are the NUMBER 1 cause of interference with the body’s inborn or innate intelligence’s ability to self heal and self regulate through the nervous system.

4. Chiropractic is the only healing science responsible for locating and correcting subluxations through the Chiropractic Adjustment, thereby restoring the body’s ability to heal itself.

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”  Thomas E Edison

What Conditions are treated?

As well as being an expert at treating back pain and neck pain, our chiropractors can help with a wide range of conditions for people of all ages from children to the elderly. These include:

  • Sports injuries
  • Low-back pain, mid-back pain & neck pain
  • Headaches & migraines
  • Car accident injuries & whiplash
  • Hip, knee, ankle & foot injuries
  • Numbness, tingling and sciatica
  • Spinal disc injuries
  • Muscle spasm
  • Dizziness/ vertigo
  • Fibromyalgia

Free Spinal and Posture Assessment

As a special service to our clients, Vitalchi is pleased to offer you free 15 minute Spinal and Posture assessments conducted by our Chiropractic Doctors. This is a great way to find out the condition of your spine and postural alignment and to learn how your posture can affect your overall health and wellbeing. Contact us now on (03) 9894 0014 to book in for your free check-up.

How can Chiropractic help?

Chiropractors specialize in the detection of spinal joint dysfunction and correct it by applying a very specific and controlled force, called a spinal manipulation or spinal adjustment. The spinal manipulation or adjustment helps to release fixation and restore mobility to spinal joints and soft-tissues, and modulate pain signals through the nervous system. An adjustment or manipulation can also be applied to the joints of the arms or legs.

Chiropractors take a holistic approach to treating the patient, recognising that if there is dysfunction in one part of the body a chain-reaction can occur where other areas of the body compensate. They appreciate that the area of the symptom does not always correlate with the area of the problem, and thus look at the structure and function of the body as a whole when diagnosing and treating a patient’s complaint.

Getting to Vitalchi Chiropractor

Vitalchi Melbourne Wellness Chiropractic is located only 50 metres from the Blackburn Train station, on the Belgrave and Lilydale lines, and only two train stops from the busy Box Hill shopping district.

Platforms 1 and 2: To Melbourne CBD, passing through Laburnum, Box Hill, Mont Albert, Surrey Hills and through to Flinders St

Platform 3: Lilydale and Belgrave lines – passing through Nunawading, Mitcham, Heatherdale, Ringwood and on to Croydon and Lilydale or Bayswater, Ferntree Gully and Belgrave

Blackburn Village is an important Bus interchange. Route 286 departs from the station and routes 703, 736 and 765 depart from South Parade. These buses connect the Blackburn Chiropractic centre to the Forest Hill shopping centre, Burwood, Syndal, Pinewood, Monash, Middle Brighton, Glen Waverley, Burwood, Vermont South, Mitcham, Box Hill, Doncaster, The Pines and Templestowe.

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