Specialist Oncology Massage

9 August 2016
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Oncology massage offers a safe and supportive style of massage, gentle yet nurturing, at any stage of cancer

Oncology massage is a therapeutic form of massage which takes into consideration the special needs of a cancer patient during and post-medical treatment.

Patients undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy often feel fatigued, both physically and mentally. Moreover, cancer patients may by overcome by a devastating emotional impact on personal life, relationships and the work environment. As a consequence, cancer patients may feel isolated and terribly lonely.

While OM does not cure cancer, the massage helps reduce the side effects caused by cancer drug treatments. It will also help improve quality of life and wellbeing.

Now a myth, it was once thought that massage would spread the cancer cells throughout the body via the lymphatic system. But lymphatic circulation occurs naturally, simply by moving and bending the body, even by drying the body with a towel. If it were the case, massage and reflexology would not be used in cancer treating centres all over the world.

Cancer may metastasise into the lymphatic system via the lymph nodes, or it may start in the lymphatic system itself but scientific research has proven that the circulation of lymph, from massage or any other movement, does not cause cancer to spread. Cancer develops and metastasises because of changes to a cell’s DNA and other processes in the body.

Patients who receive regular massages report that the gentle touch of massage helps reduce pain, exhaustion, nausea, stress and depression.

Furthermore, OM improves the quality of life through creating better sleep patterns, extending the body’s range of movement, eliminating a foggy mind, reducing scar tissue and redirecting lymph fluid from stagnating areas to more efficient areas. Most importantly, OM plays an important role in giving support and comfort to the emotional aspects of a cancer patient.

Mafalda trained with Oncology Massage Ltd in Victoria and has been a Voluntary Therapist with the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre for a decade.

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