Kinesiology to Help Navigate Change

28 October 2019

Kinesiology to Help Navigate Change

Spring is a time for change, bringing in the new and leaving the old behind.  We start to think about setting new goals and changing our perception, a great opportunity for physical and personal transformation. Often, we may make lifestyle changes, nutritional/dietary changes, or maybe we commence a detox to get ourselves in that frame of mind for the warmer months.

Sometimes we hit some roadblocks and may deviate from our goals. These roadblocks may be emotional, physical or mental. We’re all different and our experiences are individual to each one of us. During our transformation, we may find ourselves feeling unmotivated, overwhelmed or in a progress plateau. We may need to revisit our goal/s and find out what is preventing us from achieving them.

Take some time now to revisit your goal/s. Ask yourself or, even better, allocate some time for “you”. Sit down somewhere comfortable with a pen and paper. Write down a goal and the process of how you can best achieve it. It’s a good idea to break it down into chunks. Make a column of all the things that might get in your way of achieving your goal. Write a strategy to overcome these obstacles, then monitor your progress and readjust as need. This will give you an idea of where you need to focus and then re-evaluate your approach to achieving your goal/s.  

We may look at patterns we are repeating that are limiting us from achieving our goal/s. Sometimes we can identify these but are unable to work through them, other times we can’t see the forest from the trees. We simply become lost and unable to refocus. Often, we need guidance and an objective perspective to identify our patterns.

Our experience has shown that kinesiology can provide internal guidance, allowing us to reset and refocus. Kinesiology is based on techniques that will give you an entirely new way of approaching challenges in your everyday life. 

How can our Melbourne Kinesiologist help?

Our Melbourne Kinesiologist, Madelaine Akras, can support you through the process of change, and guide you on your path to achieving your goal/s. By using gentle muscle testing techniques, Madelaine can identify imbalances, or blockages, which may be driving maladaptive behaviour patterns and limiting thinking – which can prevent lifestyle change and stop you from achieving your goals. These imbalances or blockages may be due to emotional trauma, unresolved stress, physical injury, insufficient dietary nutrition, or other factors. Madelaine assists with helping the body to self-regulate and heal and restore balance by addressing these underlying factors.

This article has been written by our Melbourne Kinesiologist Madelaine Akras.  To find out how Madeline can use kinesiology to help you navigate change and achieve your personal health goals, call 98940014 and book a FREE 15-minute consultation.