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Foot Pain
What was it that drew you to our clinic? A close friend’s recommendation and I knew the clinic had a strong reputation.
How were you feeling before you made the appointment to see us? I had experienced foot pain for a number of years. Having tried numerous podiatrists and orthotics I was really frustrated.
What were you expecting from your first appointment? I knew I would get a good adjustment from the Osteopath, but I was sceptical about getting yet another set of orthotics.
What did your treatment do for you? After my treatment I felt like my whole body was moving and supporting itself to move more naturally. The new orthotics worked really quickly and helped me feel more motivated to start exercising.
How did you feel after your treatment? I felt more inspired to exercise and my sleep felt more restful.
What would you say to others who are not yet sure about contacting us to help them? Just do it! It won’t take very long to fix your problems. The orthotics are well worth the money, don’t be fooled by how they look.
Dom Hede from Ivanhoe