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Testimonials Massage Therapy

Relaxation Massage
What was it that drew you to our clinic?
Walking past, the clinic looked efficient, professional and welcoming and a bonus, it is close to home!
How were you feeling before you made the appointment to see Mafalda Bojanic?
Pretty Good
What were you expecting from your first appointment?
A relaxing massage that would soothe tired muscles
What did your treatment do for you?
Exactly what I wanted, I blissed out and relaxed, what a great way to start the weekend. I loved the dim lighting, soothing music, warm towels and warm massage table – Yummy! BRILLIANT practitioner and friendly, professional atmosphere. I also loved the “wellness Card” after my 7th visit I get a free massage!
What would you say to others who are not yet sure about contacting us to help them?
Vitalchi is very professional and friendly. The treatments are top notch! I have made regular bookings and I am looking forward to the next one. Thank you.
Is there anything else that Vitalchi could have done different or better to improve your experience?
No, everything was lovely!
Vanessa from Blackburn
Maya Abdominal Massage
The Mayan abdominal massage has worked extremely well. For a year and a half for about 3 weeks out of every cycle I would be in extreme discomfort in my stomache including cramping, bloating, reflux and indigestion. I also had extremely irregular bowel movments being constipated quite frequently.
Since the massage and practising the self care you taught me, my stomach has been virtually silent! I experience only very occasional discomfort but on a whole the results have been dramatic. I know it's due to the massage because I've not added or taken anything out of my diet.
For me if feels like a miracle. In the past i've tried all kinds of things like cutting out gluten, coffee and wheat. This stomach problem was really affecting my mood and now everything seems so much easier. So thank you! I shall be continuing my treatment.

Kind regards Carrie-Anne