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Kinesiology Testimonials


My son is 6.5 years old, and from the age of 3, I had suspected that he suffered from anxiety. I took him to a specialist only to be told that he was too young for them to know. In the past few years I have seen increases in his anxieties. He grinds his teeth so badly at night that he has chipped them; he suffers from headaches, stomach aches and bad dreams. All these symptoms seem to get worse when there has been, or is about to be a change to his usual routine i.e. school excursion, being moved up to a different class at swimming etc.  He also complains of a sore back, neck and legs.  

While giving him a massage one day, I thought to myself that a child of this age should not be that tense.  I spoke to Penny and asked if she would be able to give him a massage.  Having had treatments with Penny myself, in both massage and kinesiology, and being impressed with the results, I wondered if a kinesiology treatment would benefit him as well.  I did not expect the results we got; the change in him was almost immediate.

That night, for the first night in as long as I can remember he did not grind his teeth.  In fact, he has only done this once since his treatment almost 3 weeks ago!  He has had one bad dream, which is amazing considering he would have these almost every night, sometimes up to 7 a night.

I often describe my son as having a Jekyll & Hyde type of behaviour.  Most of the time he is fairly placid, but at least twice a day he will have an ‘episode’ where he will explode!  Hitting, punching, kicking, screaming are not uncommon during these ‘episodes’.  Since having his treatment with Penny, I have not witnessed this behaviour once.  He has come close a couple of times but instead to lashing out I have heard these words “I really feel like hitting you right now, but I won’t!”.

I wish I could explain how kinesiology works, but I can’t.  What I can do though is tell you that it is amazing.  It is non-invasive, doesn’t hurt and doesn’t involve introducing and chemicals/medicines to your body/mind.  Most importantly from what I have seen from the sessions I have had and from my son – it works!  I have seen a huge difference.  I would and do recommend Penny and kinesiology without a shadow of a doubt.

Learning Difficulties

What was it that drew you to our clinic?
It was suggested by a friend to see a kinesiologist. I surfed the net and read Jarrod’s qualifications and comments regarding his previous work with Children with learning difficulties and behavioural issues.
How were you feeling before you made the appointment with us?
Desperate for help! “Is my son a lost cause?” Depressed and helpless
What were you expecting from your first appointment?
Amazement!! Marching (A kinesiology technique for brain integration) Julian, before he was so uncoordinated. His face expression when he marched properly was priceless.
What did your treatment do for you?
Helping with behaviour and concentration socially and academically starting to move forward.
How did you feel after your treatment?
Finally some relief
What would you say to others who are not yet sure about contacting us to help them?
Reassure & encourage, just give it a try & keep an open mind.
Is there anything else that we could have done different or better to improve your experience with us?
No, Jarrod has the patience of a saint!
Leonie Daisley from Wheelers Hill

Epilepsy, Global Developmental Delay And Autism

As a background to this testimonial, my son Cameron was at the age of two discovered to have epilepsy, global developmental delay and had a habit of toe-walking which was put down as a sensory issue in the autism spectrum.
Even after the very first session with Jarrod, my husband and I both noticed a pronounced improvement with Cameron’s walking and indeed his ability to walk and run with a heel/toe motion.
Cameron also had a problem with me leaving him at school and every morning the teachers would have to drag him off me and I would leave the school listening to Cameron screaming. After a session with Jarrod, this problem was eliminated. Cameron would not jump into the pool at swimming lessons and again after a session with Jarrod this was overcome. He had an aggressive nature to other pupils in his class which improved after a session with Jarrod.
After 2½ years of Cameron’s seizures being under control through medication, his Neurologist advised it was time to gradually take him off the medication to see if he would be seizure free without the medication or to at least be able to reduce the level of medication that Cameron was on. Jarrod worked on him to make his body become accustomed to this tapering off procedure. Generally, Cameron’s communication, composure and general demeanour improved over this period of time.
We feel indebted to Jarrod, for what he has given to us as a family and in particular to our son, and would have no hesitation in recommending his work and his passion for his work to anyone.
Maureen Owens from Hughesdale

Improved Sports Performance

Jarrod has worked on me on numerous occasions with his kinesiology and the results have been fantastic. I am heavily into weight training and also cricket. Through seeing Jarrod he has helped me break through my plateaus in the gym, helped me feel more relaxed and confident whilst playing cricket (which has lead to an increase in performance) and also relieved pain on sporting injuries. I would highly recommend Jarrod’s work to anyone who is looking to improve themselves.
Luke Byron from Melbourne

Sports Performance And Confidence

Jarrod has been working with my 13 year old daughter (who is a competitive swimmer) for the past 18 months, to assist her with her flexibility and controlling her nerves during competitions. We had tried doing stretches to improve her flexibility and also tried different routines on competition days to assist with controlling of her nerves which were unsuccessful.
Since working with Jarrod she has improved her technique due to improved flexibility and also qualified to swim in multiple events at State Championships due to her improved technique and being able to control her nerves. Her coach has mentioned on several occasions that she can see the improvement in her flexibility.
From her first meeting with Jarrod she felt at ease working with him and always looked forwarded to going to his sessions. She could see and feel the improvement straight away. The sessions with Jarrod have not only helped her swimming, it has also given her more self confidence in many areas of her life.
Rae Millership from Melbourne

Chronic Pain

About 20 years ago I suffered a stroke and was left with weakness in my right side. I could not get my right leg into the car on its own, having to lift in manually each time.
After one visit I could lift my own leg!
I also suffer from scoliosis and as a result have chronic pain in my back and down the outside of my right leg, meaning I have to use a walking stick. After the third visit I no longer need my walking stick to walk and the pain has nearly gone.
Many Thanks 
Sandra.W from Blackburn, Vic


This is a poem written by a client after a kinesiology session. We thought it was beautiful and wanted to share it with everyone.
Cherished. Calming hands envelop my head. Relaxing. I allow my soul to Heal and Essence to Dream.
Jane from Melbourne

Life Purpose

Working with Fiona using Kinesiology helped me work through my emotional issues that were holding me back from living my life dreams. I also found that during my time with Fiona I became a more balanced and grounded individual.
I found that I was able to deal with life with a newfound glow that I never had before. Also a thanks goes out to Fiona for the love and support that she gave to make the healing that much more powerful.
Wendy Dary from Cold Lake, Canada

Anxiety And Depression

Summer of 2005, I was a "wreck", crying spells, depression and suddenly I started having panic attacks (which I have never experienced in my 40yrs of life) previously had bouts of depression. Being a dependant, active, mother and spouse, my life came to a halt. I couldn't even leave my home, at times. My "Angel Fiona" arrived in Canada; her timing couldn't have been better.
After the first session, the crying spells subsided, after the second session the panic attacks became infrequent. With Fiona's caring, positive attitude and healing ability, she helped me release past issues, I was holding onto. I am now beyond all that and have a new outlook on life. I have such high regard for Fiona and recommend this warm caring soul to anyone that is looking for a new positive, healthy self.
Linda from Cold Lake, Canada