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Life and Success Coaching Testimonials

Success Coaching

"I have had the pleasure of experiencing John as my coach.  John is an exceptional coach and has supported me in creating some MAJOR achievements in my life.  John is highly intelligent, professional and always acts with integrity. John has unique skills in coaching and behaviour and this allowed me to get amazing results.   He has the ability to look outside the square and tailor solutions to achieve "win-win" outcomes. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending John's coaching services." 

Lisa from Melbourne

"John, I must say, I really enjoyed our sessions together, you have a tremendous wealth of knowledge and such an astute understanding of human psyche and behaviour, there was really never much time to fit in our sessions!  John has really helped me in refining my understanding of my own potential and personal power. He has shown me the ingredients of making a life of my choosing, and has solid experience in the steps to truly make any dream a reality. The world is my oyster now. I highly recommend John as a life coach and look forward to the journey ahead!"
Rommel, Melbourne

"Hi John,  I found our sessions extremely beneficial for several reasons. Firstly, I regularly employ the visualisation and association techniques. Secondly, I have gained so much insight into my own values, goals and character, that I often feel a sense of certainty; certainty in the direction I'm travelling in my life, and I am very grateful. Thirdly, your coaching has armed me with strategies and wisdoms to tackle life's problems head on. In summation, your sessions nourished my confidence by arming me with techniques and strategies and I found it very effective.  Thank you"

Anthony from Melbourne

"For years I have battled with confidence issues.  I never believed in myself or my ability to be noticed and appreciated by my peers, family and friends. Having John as my Life Coach, not only has helped me overcome my confidence issues, but also helped me adapt techniques to become more confident in public speaking and expressing my views and opinions in an assertive and positive manner.

Prior to having John as my Life Coach I lacked direction and my biggest issue was time management skills.  Trying to juggle too many projects, trying too hard to please everyone had cost me my own happiness and peace of mind.  John helped me to relax and focus on what was important to me. Having John as my Life Coach has not only helped me to start believing in myself, but also to become more confident, learn to manage my time more effectively, set priorities and to achieve my dreams and expectations.     

John is truly an amazing Life Coach.  He is kind, a good listener and passionate in helping people achieve their dreams and in believing in themselves.  I will recommend John as a Life Coach as I know my life is fuller, more meaningful and richer having spent time with him during our coaching sessions, learning various techniques in becoming a more confident, assertive, and happy person.  Thank you John."

Diana Pereira, Dandenong North

"John is a master coach, his techniques and ability to tap into my unconscious mind was amazing. He is a great listener and I felt instantly comfortable with him, knowing he could assist me to move forward. He challenged my thinking which allowed me to make the shift in my mind that I needed to live a more empowering life. Thankyou John you are a blessing!!" 

Sarah Graham from Point Cook, Vic

"I am extremely privileged to have had the incredible opportunity to have John as my NLP Practitioner. John has an amazing gift that enables him to get straight to the core of the issue. I was completely at ease with John throughout the session & was able to find peace with issues that had haunted me for years. Thank you so very much John, you have given me incredible value in the lightness of my bright & prosperous future.

Jodi Selin, South Australia

Life Coaching

"I recently had the privilege of being coached by John. I completely endorse John as a total professional. I found him insightful, warm and compassionate, whilst at the same time highly competent, effective and efficient. The time I had with John was exceptionally valuable as he knowledgeably guided me to new distinctions that have profoundly moved me forward in the exact areas that we worked on"
Sandra Martin from Albury, NSW

"Carol Goddard is a truly remarkable individual. Her warmth, wit, compassion and spirit are matched only by her keen awareness and ability to help her clients create incredible results for themselves. In short, Carol helps people change their lives with lasting, positive effects.
I think most of us inherently understand that in order to make the kind of changes we all wish for, we first must face our deepest fears. I think we intrinsically know this, but we find ourselves wasting our precious time orbiting our fears (and our dreams sitting behind them). However I also believe that we do so not out of an unwillingness to face ourselves, but rather a legitimate concern that we lack the skills to handle our fears successfully without the risk of losing ourselves in the process.
That's where Carol steps in. Carol leads the personal consulting field because she knows how to get down 'in there' with laser precision and help her clients rediscover themselves—all the while maintaining a space of love and reassurance. Perhaps the best part is the pleasant discovery that facing our obstacles to success in the manner Carol provides is not only void of trauma, it actually feels far better than not doing so at all.
The results speak for themselves—transformed lives, clients living their purpose, and people no longer afraid of their own personal power, nor afraid of going after their dreams finally."
Steve Hames from Webmaster U.S.A