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Naturopathy & Nutrition

I'd just like to say how terrific the advice and diet was.....I lost 5 kilos almost immediately, I didn't feel hungry and I felt really well and energised. Also, the follow up support and advice provide by the naturopath was excellent.

Libby from Melbourne

"I have seen Wendy for many years now, she is a very knowledgable naturopath who is up to date in her practice and always has a solution to the issue that is presented. Wendy has helped me with allergies including food allergies and hay fever, irritable bowel syndrome, eczema and my overall general wellbeing. I would definately recommend Wendy to my friends and although she is always the professional, I feel like I am visiting my friend rather than a naturopath."

Alison from Melbourne

After suffering from all kinds of health issues for over a decade with no definite answers, I had become resigned to the fact that I would have to be my own doctor because no practitioners I had seen in the past could provide any definite cures. I had initially arrived at VitalChi with the intention of having some diagnostic testings done and analyse the results myself. However, after my first initial consultation with Nutritionist, Lina Capovilla, my attitude completely changed. I was overwhelmed by Lina's warm and generous spirit; never has a practitioner shown so much genuine enthusiasm and gusto in wanting to help me find good health again. The sheer joy and thrill in Lina every time I tell her how a particular health issue of mine has improved greatly - is incredibly heart-warming. It is so comforting to know that someone you're entrusting your health to -is knowledgeable, reliable and willing to go to the extra length to help you. Thank you Lina, you are such a wonderful asset to VitalChi and you inspire me to do great things with my now much improved health."

Michelle - Moonee Ponds

Recently I finished an intense 12 week package with Nutritionist, Lina Capovilla from Vitalchi Wellness Centre. I can honestly say that it has changed my life, I lost 13kg in just over 12 weeks! After years of struggling with my weight and low self-esteem I have managed to break life long habits and with Lina's help understand what works for me. With Lina's advice and guidance I have been able to plan my meals, keep a track of what I'm eating, try new recipes and substitute food so I don't feel like I'm missing out! Lina is so caring and supportive, she is able to connect with you on such a personal level. She looks at you as a whole person and takes everything into consideration when addressing your nutritional needs! My weekly visits were key to me to sticking the program. This approach had been the key for me. Lina has unlocked a part of me that had been shut for many years, a belief in myself that I can do this and these changes are just the beginning of leading the life I want and achieving the things I dream of. I cannot stop now, I am ready to do another 12 weeks so I can lose another 13kg! Nothing can stop me now!
Thank-you Lina & Vitalchi.

Felicity - Melbourne

Endometriosis Pain
Why did you decide on our clinic?
I had been seeing doctors and specialists for nearly 15 years and nothing was working. No one could give me an answer and my condition was only getting worse. I went to the clinic as all other traditional options had failed but I still needed help.
How were you feeling before you made the appointment with us?
I was suffering chronic pain and was on strong painkillers to help. The pain would reach a point where I would have to go to the hospital for morphine.
What were you expecting from your appointment?
I wasn't expecting anything; I had learnt not to expect answers. I was expecting a course of treatment that I doubted would work as nothing in the past had but I was willing to try anything, I had no options left.
What did your treatment do for you?
I am no longer on painkillers and I haven't had to go to the hospital. The pain is something in my past. The pain relief wasn't immediate but I had waited 15 years so for me it was immediate. I noticed a decrease in pain straight away and it continued to lessen as time went on. Pain used to interfere with my life, now it is my life with no interference. After seeing the great, somewhat miraculous results I had had, my mother who suffered arthritis went to see Angela. In less then 3 months she is pain free and her swelled finger joints have vanished. She can now grab and hold things without pain and wear her wedding ring, something she couldn't do for years.
How did you feel after your treatment?
I don't have to live my life around my pain, this is freedom. When you have a condition Western medicine can't treat or diagnose you naturally carry fear that something is terribly wrong and it's frustrating when you can't find help, no matter how active your search is. I have relief now I have answers and a course of treatment I am actively involved in which gives me the control back. I am in control of my life and well being and after spending so long having a condition in control of my life and well being, I feel empowered.
What would you say to others who are not yet sure about contacting us to help them?
If you are willing to take anything the doctors prescribe then you should have no hesitation going to the clinic and see Angela. I once had doctors give a wrong diagnosis and the medication they had me on caused more havoc then my condition. There is always a chance of a wrong diagnosis no matter where you go but the clinic deals with natural remedies so side effects are minimal and the positive results can change your quality of life. It's not going to hurt so why not give it a try.
Carolyn Tinker from Melbourne
What was it that drew you to our clinic?
I had been suffering from Chronic Urticaria for over one year. After seeing a number of specialists to no avail, I was given a book about changing your diet titled, ‘Turn over a new leaf’. Inside this book it described how the two authors had a ‘live blood analysis’ taken and thus, changed their diet and lifestyle based on the results. I then decided to search for a place on the internet that also helped with certain conditions through the use of a live blood analysis. I found a few places and based on some research including looking at the internet site, affordability etc, I decided that Vitalchi was my best option. Once I arrived for my first appointment I knew I had made a good decision. It felt like a relaxing place with very welcoming staff members.
Can you provide a background as to how your health was before you came to see Vitalchi and what other steps you had taken to improve your health?
Before my first appointment with Vitalchi I had been suffering from Chronic Urticaria (hives) for over one year. I had also experienced occasional angio-odema (swelling) and had been given an epipen as I had experienced throat swelling. Throughout my life, I would say that I had been lucky with relatively good health with only minor mishaps along the way. I had consistently suffered from tonsillitis until I had them removed three years ago at the age of twenty-four. I had also suffered with a small lump in my neck which turned out to be a benign mass in my lymph glands which was also removed. Excluding these two problems and a few colds, bumps and bruises, I maintained a healthy lifestyle until I awoke covered in hives in May 2008.
Within a year, I had visited over thirteen different Doctors and spent over $4000 on trying to find an answer. Doctors I visited included; my General Practitioner (who was a great help), a Consultant Physician at an Allergy and Clinical Immunology Practice, a Rheumatoid Specialist, a Dermatologist, Naturopath, Gastrointestinal Specialist, Chinese Acupuncturist, The Royal Melbourne Hospital (both Allergy and Dermatology department), Natural Healing Specialist, Chinese Herbalist and Naturopath.
Although some of these Doctors seemed to try their best to help me, I was either put in a dose of steroids, told I had a virus and that it would eventually pass, told to take daily anti-histamines or had it explained to me that sometimes this just happens to people and that it could be worse.
During this year my life changed fairly dramatically. I was not the same confident person that I had been my whole life. I felt really unwell and bloated, I felt that I looked hideous and I had ‘lost my spark’ and ‘zest for life’. I knew that people suffered from other illnesses that were worse than mine, but I began feeling depressed and out of options.
I was ready to try anything and was prepared for any results. I had tests taken for numerous diseases and blood disorders and all came back perfectly fine. Not one specialist had given me an allergy test or a food sensitivity test as all the specialists I saw believed that an allergy/intolerance could not be causing my hives.
I was hopeful, but at my wits end.
How were you feeling before you made the appointment?
Before coming to see Angela, I was feeling depressed and like I was running out of options. I decided to make the appointment as it could not get any worse. After making the appointment and reading some more about ‘live blood analysis’, I felt positive and hopeful. I decided to make the switch from feeling miserable to feeling like this could be the answer. I went in with the mind-set that I would do anything (change my food, take tests) to be able to find an answer.
What were you expecting from your first appointment?
My expectations were clear and fair and they were definitely met. I expected someone to listen to me and then try and help me in finding an answer. I expected that it was a two-way street and that I would be given advice and recommendations and that it was up to me to follow these. I did not expect to find a cause or reason straight away, however I did expect that the person I worked with would continue helping me until either an answer was found or all possible suggestions had been thoroughly tested, tried and ruled out.
I had these same expectations for all Specialists and Doctors that I had seen previously, but unfortunately they had not been met and I began to think that I expected too much. It was not until I arrived at Vitalchi and met with Angela Smith that I finally felt like the Specialist thought of my issue as more than a job, but as a way of helping someone and changing their life.
What did your treatment do for you and what comments would you make about the treatment?
I truly cannot find appropriate words to describe how I now feel about my treatment. THANK YOU!
Without the support of my friends and family, I really don’t know how I would have gotten through such a long time of feeling helplessness. My GP was fantastic and tried everything to help me but did admit that this was well out of her hands now and that she did not know what else to do besides give me referrals to see a number of Specialists who she thought would help. It was not until finally meeting with Angela that I felt like someone who didn’t know me actually cared enough to continue trying to help me until we reached the bottom of it all. I trusted her from the beginning and took all of her advice on board. Angela was the first Specialist to actually recommend food tests and she was the first person to sit for over an hour and get a full medical history from me so that she could assess the problem.
I have since recommended Angela to my Dad who has also seen her and likewise, he felt that she was thorough and helpful. I have also recommended her to two friends.
How did you feel after your treatment and how are you feeling now?
Thanks to Vitalchi, I have been hive free for over three months and I am able to reintroduce the foods that were causing problems as well as continuing on important supplements and vitamins that promote a good immune system and nutrients. I have not felt this good in a very long time. I am completely back to the confident and happy person that I have always been.
What would you say to others who are not yet sure about contacting us to help them?
I would not hesitate in saying that it is definitely worth a try. I have had a 100 % positive experience from my time at Vitalchi and I can’t even imagine what or how I would be feeling if I did not take the step to contact them. No matter the problem you are facing, it cannot hurt to give Vitalchi a try and it’s very likely that your experience will be just as positive as mine.
Is there anything else that we could have done different or better to improve your experience?
Everything that Angela has done for me has helped and I have always walked out of her office feeling positive and ‘improved’. I only wish I had found her earlier!
Elizabeth Baird from Blackburn
Lethargic, Tired And Flat
How were you feeling before you made the appointment with us?
Lethargic, tired, anxious, flat, and unaware of what was causing all of this and why I wasn't losing weight.
What were you expecting from your appointment?
I knew I'd have to change things in my life, but I had very had little expectations. I was nervous about what I'd have to do!
What did your treatment do for you?
Angela was able to show me why I felt the way I felt. She showed me that my body was out of sync and that until I fixed the problems I had, I wouldn't fix any of the symptoms and would struggle to lose weight. Angela sorted out my issues through naturopathic remedies and put me on the ketoslim plan and over a 6 month period I've lost 16 kilo's of fat. Pretty amazing stuff.
How did you feel after your treatment?
At first I felt daunted at the changes I was facing, but I got stuck into it and followed everything Angela told me. I started feeling amazing within the first 7 days of my new plan and 6 months later, I feel fantastic. I feel like I'm a totally different person and I look like one too!
What would you say to others who are not yet sure about contacting us to help them?
I've had 2 friends ask to go and see Angela after witnessing the change I've undertaken, so I cannot recommend Angela highly enough!
Sophie Needham from Melbourne

Poor Immunity
As a busy Executive and enjoying an active life, Wellness is important to me. After careful research I approached Duncan for a consultation.
I found myself fatigued and constantly unwell. Yearlong symptoms of a cold, lack of energy, and litharge stopped me from performing in my career and took away the enjoyment of sporting activities and life.
Duncan ran a full set of tests and recommended a change in my diet, specific herbs to help improve liver function & aid detoxification, a course of nutrients (vitamins & minerals) to increase energy production, & herbal medicine to 'boost' the immune system & increase resistance to cold's & flu’s.
I feel healthier and return regularly for advice and treatment.
David Wood from South Bank
Naturopathy & Reiki
The last time I have been completely 100% satisfied with an alternative practitioner was when I saw Duncan Capicchiano. Being a therapist myself, I am fussy and also being a female I am very sensitive, however I found these two things to be Duncan's main gifts. He was able to pinpoint the root of the cause and was sensitive enough that I felt really safe with him.
I feel confident and have no hesitation in recommending Duncan for his naturopathic knowledge, massage skills and energetic healing gift to all my clients and friends.
Thank you Duncan
Blanca Perez from Bentleigh

Success Coaching

"Hi John,  I found our sessions extremely beneficial for several reasons. Firstly, I regularly employ the visualisation and association techniques. Secondly, I have gained so much insight into my own values, goals and character, that I often feel a sense of certainty; certainty in the direction I'm travelling in my life, and I am very grateful. Thirdly, your coaching has armed me with strategies and wisdoms to tackle life's problems head on. In summation, your sessions nourished my confidence by arming me with techniques and strategies and I found it very effective.  Thank you."

Anthony from Melbourne

"I have had the pleasure of experiencing  John as my coach.   John is an exceptional coach and has supported me in creating some MAJOR achievements in my life.  John is highly intelligent, professional and always acts with integrity. John has unique skills in coaching and behaviour and this allowed me to get amazing results.   He has the ability to look outside the square and tailor solutions to achieve "win-win" outcomes. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending John's coaching services.

Lisa from Melbourne

"John is a master coach, his techniques and ability to tap into my unconscious mind was amazing. He is a great listener and I felt instantly comfortable with him, knowing he could assist me to move forward. He challenged my thinking which allowed me to make the shift in my mind that I needed to live a more empowering life. Thankyou John you are a blessing!!

Sarah Graham from Point Cook, Vic

"For years I have battled with confidence issues.  I never believed in myself or my ability to be noticed and appreciated by my peers, family and friends. Having John as my Life Coach, not only has helped me overcome my confidence issues, but also helped me adapt techniques to become more confident in public speaking and expressing my views and opinions in an assertive and positive manner.
Prior to having John as my Life Coach I lacked direction and my biggest issue was time management skills.  Trying to juggle too many projects, trying too hard to please everyone had cost me my own happiness and peace of mind.  John helped me to relax and focus on what was important to me. Having John as my Life Coach has not only helped me to start believing in myself, but also to become more confident, learn to manage my time more effectively, set priorities and to achieve my dreams and expectations.
John is truly an amazing Life Coach.  He is kind, a good listener and passionate in helping people achieve their dreams and in believing in themselves.  I will recommend John as a Life Coach as I know my life is fuller, more meaningful and richer having spent time with him during our coaching sessions, learning various techniques in becoming a more confident, assertive, and happy person.  Thank you John."

Diana Pereira, Dandenong North


  I am extremely privileged to have had the incredible opportunity to have John as my NLP Practitioner. John has an amazing gift that enables him to get straight to the core of the issue. I was completely at ease with John throughout the session & was able to find peace with issues that had haunted me for years. Thank you so very much John, you have given me incredible value in the lightness of my bright & prosperous future.
Jodi Selin, South Australia

Life Coaching

"Carol Goddard is a truly remarkable individual. Her warmth, wit, compassion and spirit are matched only by her keen awareness and ability to help her clients create incredible results for themselves. In short, Carol helps people change their lives with lasting, positive effects.
I think most of us inherently understand that in order to make the kind of changes we all wish for, we first must face our deepest fears. I think we intrinsically know this, but we find ourselves wasting our precious time orbiting our fears (and our dreams sitting behind them). However I also believe that we do so not out of an unwillingness to face ourselves, but rather a legitimate concern that we lack the skills to handle our fears successfully without the risk of losing ourselves in the process.
That's where Carol steps in. Carol leads the personal consulting field because she knows how to get down 'in there' with laser precision and help her clients rediscover themselves—all the while maintaining a space of love and reassurance. Perhaps the best part is the pleasant discovery that facing our obstacles to success in the manner Carol provides is not only void of trauma, it actually feels far better than not doing so at all.
The results speak for themselves—transformed lives, clients living their purpose, and people no longer afraid of their own personal power, nor afraid of going after their dreams finally."
Steve Hames from U.S.A
Sports Performance And Confidence
Jarrod has been working with my 13 year old daughter (who is a competitive swimmer) for the past 18 months, to assist her with her flexibility and controlling her nerves during competitions. We had tried doing stretches to improve her flexibility and also tried different routines on competition days to assist with controlling of her nerves which were unsuccessful.
Since working with Jarrod she has improved her technique due to improved flexibility and also qualified to swim in multiple events at State Championships due to her improved technique and being able to control her nerves. Her coach has mentioned on several occasions that she can see the improvement in her flexibility.
From her first meeting with Jarrod she felt at ease working with him and always looked forwarded to going to his sessions. She could see and feel the improvement straight away. The sessions with Jarrod have not only helped her swimming, it has also given her more self confidence in many areas of her life.
Rae Millership from Melbourne
Relaxation Massage
What was it that drew you to our clinic?
Walking past, the clinic looked efficient, professional and welcoming and a bonus, it is close to home!
How were you feeling before you made the appointment to see Mafalda Bojanic?
Pretty Good
What were you expecting from your first appointment?
A relaxing massage that would soothe tired muscles
What did your treatment do for you?
Exactly what I wanted, I blissed out and relaxed, what a great way to start the weekend. I loved the dim lighting, soothing music, warm towels and warm massage table – Yummy! BRILLIANT practitioner and friendly, professional atmosphere. I also loved the “wellness Card” after my 7th visit I get a free massage!
What would you say to others who are not yet sure about contacting us to help them?
Vitalchi is very professional and friendly. The treatments are top notch! I have made regular bookings and I am looking forward to the next one. Thank you.
Is there anything else that Vitalchi could have done different or better to improve your experience?
No, everything was lovely!
Vanessa Bate from Blackburn

Personal Trauma
Wendy helped me and my husband on a very difficult journey, that dealt with a major trauma in my past, something I had really never felt I could deal with or really speak about.
I thought my world was slowly crumbling down around me and that perhaps I was slightly insane. Wendy worked with us as a couple and individually and her extremely tactful and warm manner has turned me back into a happy, optimistic and loving person.I think most of us at sometime in our life could do with a ‘Wendy’ you can turn to and who helps you unravel the worries in your head and make you feel normal again.
Mrs N from Blackburn

Epilepsy, Global Developmental Delay And Autism
As a background to this testimonial, my son Cameron was at the age of two discovered to have epilepsy, global developmental delay and had a habit of toe-walking which was put down as a sensory issue in the autism spectrum.
Even after the very first session with Jarrod, my husband and I both noticed a pronounced improvement with Cameron’s walking and indeed his ability to walk and run with a heel/toe motion.
Cameron also had a problem with me leaving him at school and every morning the teachers would have to drag him off me and I would leave the school listening to Cameron screaming. After a session with Jarrod, this problem was eliminated. Cameron would not jump into the pool at swimming lessons and again after a session with Jarrod this was overcome. He had an aggressive nature to other pupils in his class which improved after a session with Jarrod.
After 2½ years of Cameron’s seizures being under control through medication, his Neurologist advised it was time to gradually take him off the medication to see if he would be seizure free without the medication or to at least be able to reduce the level of medication that Cameron was on. Jarrod worked on him to make his body become accustomed to this tapering off procedure. Generally, Cameron’s communication, composure and general demeanour improved over this period of time.
We feel indebted to Jarrod, for what he has given to us as a family and in particular to our son, and would have no hesitation in recommending his work and his passion for his work to anyone.
Maureen Owens from Hughesdale
Improved Sports Performance
Jarrod has worked on me on numerous occasions with his kinesiology and the results have been fantastic. I am heavily into weight training and also cricket. Through seeing Jarrod he has helped me break through my plateaus in the gym, helped me feel more relaxed and confident whilst playing cricket (which has lead to an increase in performance) and also relieved pain on sporting injuries. I would highly recommend Jarrod’s work to anyone who is looking to improve themselves.
Luke Byron from Melbourne
Chronic Pain
About 20 years ago I suffered a stroke and was left with weakness in my right side. I could not get my right leg into the car on its own, having to lift in manually each time.
After one visit to Fiona I could lift my own leg!
I also suffer from scoliosis and as a result have chronic pain in my back and down the outside of my right leg, meaning I have to use a walking stick. After the third visit to Fiona I no longer need my walking stick to walk and the pain has nearly gone.
Many Thanks Fiona
Sandra.W from Blackburn, Vic

Addictive Behaviours
Wendy was able to help me find ways to deal with my addiction, behavioural and spiritual issues. She was able to help me put the pieces of my life back together, leaving me with a feeling of happiness and the ability to move forward with pride. Throughout my sessions I was met with total understanding and compassion and I am grateful to have had the privilege of working through my life issues with such a caring and supportive individual.
Thank you
Candice from Melbourne
My son is 6.5 years old, and from the age of 3, I had suspected that he suffered from anxiety. I took him to a specialist only to be told that he was too young for them to know. In the past few years I have seen increases in his anxieties. He grinds his teeth so badly at night that he has chipped them; he suffers from headaches, stomach aches and bad dreams. All these symptoms seem to get worse when there has been, or is about to be a change to his usual routine i.e. school excursion, being moved up to a different class at swimming etc.  He also complains of a sore back, neck and legs.
While giving him a massage one day, I thought to myself that a child of this age should not be that tense.  I spoke to Penny and asked if she would be able to give him a massage.  Having had treatments with Penny myself, in both massage and kinesiology, and being impressed with the results, I wondered if a kinesiology treatment would benefit him as well. I did not expect the results we got; the change in him was almost immediate.
That night, for the first night in as long as I can remember he did not grind his teeth. In fact, he has only done this once since his treatment almost 3 weeks ago! He has had one bad dream, which is amazing considering he would have these almost every night, sometimes up to 7 a night.
I often describe my son as having a Jekyll & Hyde type of behaviour.  Most of the time he is fairly placid, but at least twice a day he will have an ‘episode’ where he will explode! Hitting, punching, kicking, screaming are not uncommon during these ‘episodes’.  Since having his treatment with Penny, I have not witnessed this behaviour once. He has come close a couple of times but instead to lashing out I have heard these words “I really feel like hitting you right now, but I won’t!”.
I wish I could explain how kinesiology works, but I can’t. What I can do though is tell you that it is amazing.  It is non-invasive, doesn’t hurt and doesn’t involve introducing and chemicals/medicines to your body/mind.  Most importantly from what I have seen from the sessions I have had and from my son – it works! I have seen a huge difference.  I would and do recommend Penny and kinesiology without a shadow of a doubt.



Thank you so much Carina for all your help. You have helped me to conquer my fears and it has changed my life. I recommend to anyone who has any issue to go and see Carina Stewart, she is fantastic

Katie Sloon from Melbourne

Weight Loss

I am an emotional eater and l wanted to lose 10kg before Christmas and l did it. The program is easy to follow you don’t feel like you’re missing out on foods you like to eat.
Robert, Vic
Weight loss hypnotherapy really worked for me and l am up to a 20kg loss. Brilliant program, easy to stick to, worth what l paid, thanks Carina.
Deb, Yarra Junction, Vic


I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you. Two weeks ago I had hypnotherapy for weight loss. I have since dropped 6kg and changed my lifestyle completely without even trying. I have no cravings, I’m not battling myself and will power. I’ve possibly spent 10s of thousands on weight loss pills, shakes and gimmicks over my years. I’m starting to see collar bones for the first time in 6 years. I have more energy and a better self worth … I’ve made so many better choices without noticing. My emotional state has changed for the better. I can’t begin to thank you. From the bottom of my heart this has changed my life. After one session, I cant wait for another!!! Thank you so so so much Carina.
Nicole, VIC


I came to see Carina with my husband to stop smoking and it was a very informative session. We both stopped straight away, fantastic!
Jan, Mooroolbark

Carina helped me quit smoking in 1 hour! Been a smoker for 20years thanks for giving me my life back
Robyn, Bayswater


I came to do past life regression to see if my current problem was linked to a past life. I wasn’t sure what to expect and somewhat sceptical but the regression was absolutely amazing. Really worth it and unforgettable.
Phil, Kilsyth


I had eight miscarriages and hypnotherapy was my last resort before adoption. After just 3 months l am now pregnant with twins and so happy. Will use you through the birthing process, thanks.
Jenny, Boronia

IVF Treatment
In preparation for my first IVF treatment cycle, I embarked upon a series of hypnosis sessions to increase my possibility of success. With several conditions that contributed to my infertility and with specialist doctors preparing me for the fact that my chances were low, and in fact may take many years, I felt that hypnosis was certainly worth a try in conjunction with IVF treatment. I am a firm believer that mind and body work together to both harm and heal the body.
I am extremely pleased to say that against the medical odds, I fell pregnant with twins on my first IVF cycle! I most certainly attribute this result to the IVF treatment and to the hypnosis sessions that I believe worked hand in hand together.
I have also been fortunate to have received various forms of therapeutic treatment over the years working with Dagmar Guntermann whom I highly recommend as an excellent practitioner. I have no doubt that you will be very happy with the results you will achieve working with her.
Deborah Michaud from Melbourne


I suffered from anxiety and depression, Carina helped me to manage & overcome this.
Tim, Olinda

Caffeine Addiction
What was it that drew you to our clinic? I wanted to see a hypnotherapist, and go to a clinic with a variety of specialists.
How were you feeling before you made the appointment with us? Prior to booking I did feel a little nervous, but didn’t feel there was much to lose.
What were you expecting from your first appointment? I didn’t come into the first session with great expectations of immediate results, but that is what I got! I approached the first session as the start of a journey
What did your treatment do for you? I was amazed. I wanted to eliminate coffee and caffeine from my life and that is what I have done. Easily. Not only have I not had a coffee, I haven’t longed for one at ALL. It has just disappeared, and I feel fabulous.
How did you feel after your treatment? Fabulous
What would you say to others who are not yet sure about contacting us to help them? Worst case, you will relax for an hour or so. Best case you can really change your world!
Lisa from Hawthorn

General Hypnotherapy

Carina's hypnotherapy has turned my life around
Nadine, VIC

Carina is a gem and has been a true inspiration – she combines a unique approach with a realistic outlook meaning my goals are easier & more enjoyable to achieve. Yes, highly recommended!
Deborah, VIC

I look forward to going every week! Carina is a great listener & makes you feel at ease straight away. Thanks, you have inspired me to better health & get the most out of my life!
MS Yarra valley, VIC
Carina is great inspiration she has a unique approach that helped me achieve so much, thanks.
Carry, VIC

Hypnotherapy has provided me with enormous relief for issues that I have held onto for a long time. Dagmar has helped me on so many levels.
Thank you
Helen from Melbourne

Having never tried hypnotherapy before, I was rather sceptical. However, Dagmar was totally respectful at all times, and I have never felt so relaxed so quickly. It's great to think outside the box and discover different ways of looking at difficult situations. I have had such positive results
Jenny from Melbourne

Fiona came into my life as a healer shortly after I had gone through a terrible traumatic experience. To this day I attribute much of my healing, health and happiness to the therapy sessions I had with Fiona. She is a magnificent healer on all levels (spiritual, emotional, mentally and physical).
Fiona's natural ability and vast training allowed her to help me in all areas of my life. She always sensed exactly what I needed to work on and which healing technique to use. I can't say enough about her signature cell healing; for me it was the most powerful healing I've ever experienced. Today I feel fantastic and can honestly say I'm the happiest I've been in my life.
Fiona is dearly missed in Canada. Melbourne is very fortunate to have such a magnificent and powerful healer in their city.
Wendy L from Cold Lake Canada
Catriona is a highly skilled practitioner working within a holistic framework. Her broad experience from one-to-one counselling to teaching, in diverse fields of practice with women, men and children, enables her to work in a way that acknowledges each person's individual differences whilst respecting their common humanity.
I found Catriona to be an empathic and respectful listener, comfortable and capable in supporting people to explore the wide range of presenting issues that we experience as part of that human condition. She encourages belief in oneself and engenders trust in both her and one's own capacity to find a way through life's challenges.
Dr S Patton from Tasmania

Mindfulness - MiCBT

I believe that life is a roller coaster and everything happens for a reason. The highs, the lows, the good and the bad, and regardless of where our journey takes us, it is possible to learn from every experience.It wasn’t until I began treatment at Vitalchi Wellness that I finally came to this epiphany, and began to believe that my life could be different. I didn’t have to become immersed in negativity, but rather could to choose to accept the way things were and rise above the pain.From the moment I met Daniel and began our regular sessions, I haven’t turned away once from stepping forward into the life I want to live. Through his wisdom and knowledge of mindfulness meditation, willingness to explore alternative ways of thinking through Action Commitment Therapy, and devotion to his practice, Daniel has bought me out of my dark place and taught me that life is priceless and every moment is worth living.  As my naturopath, confidant, and mentor, Daniel has guided me to explore all of life’s possibilities and strive for freedom.  For his unconditional support and encouragement, I will remain eternally thankful. 

Lisa from Berwick

I was in the midst of a personal crisis, or what I believed was a personal crisis, I turned to Daniel for help, and was introduced to MiCBT. I had never heard of the program, but was willing to undergo the treatment, as I has lost faith in my ability to overcome.  The outcome was more than I could have expected. Too often I think we allow our minds to be negative vehicles, and just train ourselves subconsciously to accept negative thoughts and the impact on our bodies. I now know we can fight back. MiCBT taught me how to deal with negative thoughts, in a positive way, without medication. MiCBT is now in practice every day of my life, I owe a lot to its teacher, and its design.
Geoff Torney, Clayton

To Anyone Considering The MiCBT Course, I presented myself to Daniel Cerny with a multitude of issues ranging from eczema, weight gain, anger, fear, self-hatred, exhaustion, poor relationships and depression. I had spent decades on the spiralling pathway, seeking expensive bandaid treatments. However the longer I travelled this road, I still remained on the roller-coaster of emotional and physical highs and lows. The tragedy is, the older that I am becoming, the more I feel like a piece of driftwood, i.e. my emotions and direction are totally dependant on the winds of the day. Daniel’s insight, wisdom, expertise, passion and experience was able to immediately identify and pin point exactly where I was at. Rather than recommending expensive lotions and potions, he gave me the option to confront ALL my issues in one hit, by introducing ME to, and allowing ME to consider, embarking upon the Mindfulness integrated Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Course. Daniel said if I change my present state of being, everything else would re align. I could have the power to stop my habitual cycle of self sabotage and be on the road to minimising ALL my issues by using one single tool ....MINDFULNESS.
MiCBT,..??  I had never heard of such a course before.....Yet my trust in Daniels passion for wanting me to be well , even more than I did at the time, as well as being exhausted from the downwards spiral that I had managed to trap myself in for years , I decided to embark upon the 8 week journey. It made such sense to me that if I learnt to have control over my mind, then I could allow myself to experience inner peace, stability, happiness, love, self worth, be in each precious moment and respond, rather than react to every situation and experience that is out of my control. I can literally create my own happy place because I would have control over my present state of being. After having just recently completed the MiCBT course, I have nothing but eternal gratitude for Daniel. So long have I travelled on the train of fear. The course has provided me with a station in which to get off my train, and immediately, today, I am able to stop and smell the roses, connect, feel and see the beauty of what surrounds me in every moment of everyday. The course has been an incredible journey and my depth of understanding as to why people behave the way they do, has been incredibly empowering., as has understanding the ways in which I behave which in turn, has resulted in "me" and only "me" taking responsibility for imprisoning myself in my own web of negativity.
So many courses out there are theory based, and are unable to build the bridge with real life situations. This is where this course is different as it is individualised and tailored to YOUR specific, real life everyday issues. I cannot believe that I have carried a backpack of such anger and grief towards my mother, for whom I have not seen for over a decade now. As a result of the practical tools I have acquired, and my newly learnt depth of understanding of her, my anger has dissolved into compassion. I can’t believe it, but I am at a point whereby, I can actually face her and engage in a civil conversation. The most precious gift that I will be passing onto my 3 children is definitely MINDFULNESS ........because with this state of mind , they will be able to stop and make mindful good and solid decisions, respond to external situations in a non habitual or repetitive way, break any negative self sabotaging thoughts and behaviour, engage in healthy relationships, have a healthy self image, manage stress, understand others behaviour, develop a deep sense of love and compassion and be able to remain still in each precious moment and really saviour the "NOW". Daniel, I just want to thankyou from the bottom of my heart for the incredible gift of Mindfulness in which you have taught me. 
This gift is having an amazing ripple effect, and everyday, I am continuing to practise, observe, and simply be in each precious moment. Your gentle nature, patience, ability to teach and passion is such a credit to the person with whom you are. You are such a gift to humanity. I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to simply seek inner peace and happiness, not just for today, but for eternity. Knowledge and understanding is incredibly empowering and food for the soul ,as it really allows us to be truly who we are ......... a divine and loving being.    In gratitude,
Elana. (Croydon South)

Dear Daniel I just wanted to take a moment in time, to express my sincere gratitude to you, as well as to tell you how privileged I feel to be crossing your path. It is very rare to meet someone like yourself who is so genuinely committed and passionate about empowering people to heal and transform themselves. Words can sometimes seem so primitive …so all I can say is…”thank you” for all your time that you have injected into me. I came to you as a piece of driftwood – with no identity, no direction , no goals and reliant on the outside world for words of affirmation and self worth. Today a mere 7 weeks later, I am not at the whim of seasonal current. despite being amidst a raging storm right now, deep down In the depths of my soul – I am metamorphasising. Thank you for being the light along my path right now. And thank you for your kindness, gentleness, care, humour, tolerance and patience of me. Thank you for feeding my hungry soul!! Thank you for being such a special soul. Yours in gratitude, health and wellness

Pepita, Croydon Hills

Daniel has given me a more positive and calm approach to life through his weekly meditation sessions.  His education towards mindfulness has encouraged me to be more open and less judgemental to everyday life

Thank you Daniel
Sam Newnham Blackburn

Foot Pain

What was it that drew you to our clinic? A close friend’s recommendation and I knew the clinic had a strong reputation.
How were you feeling before you made the appointment to see us? I had experienced foot pain for a number of years. Having tried numerous podiatrists and orthotics I was really frustrated.
What were you expecting from your first appointment? I knew I would get a good adjustment from the Osteopath, but I was sceptical about getting yet another set of orthotics.
What did your treatment do for you? After my treatment I felt like my whole body was moving and supporting itself to move more naturally. The new orthotics worked really quickly and helped me feel more motivated to start exercising.
How did you feel after your treatment? I felt more inspired to exercise and my sleep felt more restful.
What would you say to others who are not yet sure about contacting us to help them? Just do it! It won’t take very long to fix your problems. The orthotics are well worth the money, don’t be fooled by how they look.
Dom Hede from Ivanhoe

Learning Difficulties
What was it that drew you to our clinic?
It was suggested by a friend to see a kinesiologist. I surfed the net and read Jarrod’s qualifications and comments regarding his previous work with Children with learning difficulties and behavioural issues.
How were you feeling before you made the appointment with us?
Desperate for help! “Is my son a lost cause?” Depressed and helpless
What were you expecting from your first appointment?
Amazement!! Marching (A kinesiology technique for brain integration) Julian, before he was so uncoordinated. His face expression when he marched properly was priceless.
What did your treatment do for you?
Helping with behaviour and concentration socially and academically starting to move forward.
How did you feel after your treatment?
Finally some relief
What would you say to others who are not yet sure about contacting us to help them?
Reassure & encourage, just give it a try & keep an open mind.
Is there anything else that we could have done different or better to improve your experience with us?
No, Jarrod has the patience of a saint!
Leonie Daisley from Wheelers Hill

Anxiety And Depression
Three years ago I was diagnosed with Anxiety and Clinical Depression. I saw a G.P. who was very supportive of alternative medicine - although she recommended anti-depressants at the time and these did reduce the anxiety symptoms. Unfortunately, I also developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and if that wasn't enough was suffering from peri-menopausal symptoms - night sweats and dizziness.
I was not happy with the side effects of the anti-depressants and after several months of taking these, I sought the help of naturopath, Fiona Chin.
I truly believe that Fiona's herbal remedy 'cured' me from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and within a month I started feeling so much better, getting my energy back. Fiona also made up a herbal remedy for peri-menopausal symptoms and in consultation with my G.P. helped me get off the anti-depressants and in time onto a herbal version.
I now have a lot of faith and confidence in herbal remedies but I think what was also a huge part of my recovery was the doses of positive thinking that Fiona gave me during consultations.
In this area she is truly a very skilled practitioner! Thank you.
Cat from Australia
I first came into contact with Catriona after a very traumatic event. I had been the victim of a violent attack and felt that I would never recover from it. Catrionas engaging style and warm personality were immediately apparent to me. She made a safe space for me and I looked forward to our sessions enormously.
She walked beside me on my recovery and was instrumental in helping me achieve my goals. Catriona is a highly skilled and experienced practitioner. Her absolute belief in peoples strengths and abilities shine through every interaction. I would recommend Catriona to anyone seeking counselling or company on a journey to new places.
Marion from Launceston, Tasmania
Anxiety And Depression
Summer of 2005, I was a "wreck", crying spells, depression and suddenly I started having panic attacks (which I have never experienced in my 40yrs of life) previously had bouts of depression. Being a dependant, active, mother and spouse, my life came to a halt. I couldn't even leave my home, at times. My "Angel Fiona" arrived in Canada; her timing couldn't have been better.
After the first session, the crying spells subsided, after the second session the panic attacks became infrequent. With Fiona's caring, positive attitude and healing ability, she helped me release past issues, I was holding onto. I am now beyond all that and have a new outlook on life. I have such high regard for Fiona and recommend this warm caring soul to anyone that is looking for a new positive, healthy self.
Linda from Cold Lake, Canada