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Past Life Regression

  "What lies beneath the surface is far more magnificent than that which we first see."
past life regression
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Have you ever had glimpses of memories that you can't quite place? Had the strong feeling that you knew someone from the moment you first met or perhaps found yourself drawn to particular locations, activities or people, without understanding why?  Your conscious mind cannot process this information as it is stored at a much deeper level.  Regression Therapy allows you to access this information and explore much deeper levels of your consciousness and whole life experience.

What is Regression Therapy?

Your conscious mind learns, processes and filters large amounts of information, enabling you to function effectively in the world around you.  The conscious mind is unable to store and retain the vast majority of these experiences, however the unconscious mind retains ALL information, and at this level, nothing is ever lost. Your practitioner will assist you in reconnecting with your unconscious mind in a relaxed, meditative and expanded state of awareness.  Once this connection is established, you are then able to explore the deeper aspects of your consciousness and higher self. While exploring these memories you may access information from various points along your time line.  With guidance from your practitioner, you may choose to follow these memories and emotions to a much earlier time, reincarnation, past life experiences or further aspects of yourself beyond your current life situation.

How Does Regression Therapy assist?

Past Life Regression Therapy can help you change and heal your life.  Through regression, you are able to expand your knowledge and understanding of your self and your actions.

Through the removal of emotional blocks and a deeper understanding of your life's purpose, you become more aware of your connectedness with those around you. Once you achieve clarity of purpose and a realisation of your whole self, you will find events in your life manifest with great ease. You may gain new confidence, talents or abilities as you assimilate the larger portions of your whole self.  You may see improvements in your relationships and self confidence or remove feelings of anxiety, anger, sadness, fear or guilt.  It is also quite common to see symptoms of physical pain ease or dissolve, once the true nature and root cause of the discomfort has been realised.

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