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Meditation Class

Mindfulness Meditation Classes in Blackburn Melbourne.  Please call the clinic on 9894 0014 for bookings. 

Meditation classes Vitalchi Blackburn
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What is Mindfulness Meditation?

Mindfulness Meditation is an outstanding tool to help you quiet your noisy mind and help you develop greater focus and clarity.  Mindfulness Meditation, also referred to as Insightful Meditation, helps you to become more aware of your surroundings, helps you to develop a sense and become grounded in the current moment and enables you to become more accepting of the stressors in your life allowing you to deal with what would normally be stressful situations more effectively without anxiety.

Mindfulness Meditation is a form of medicine, allowing us to deal with negative emotions and negative situations that can adversely affect our health and wellbeing.

Through the practice of Meditation, we can train our minds to achieve a state of tranquility, without being disturbed by outside forces. Mindfulness Meditation helps in training and developing the strengths of the mind to achieve peace and fulfillment in your life.

The practice of Mindfulness Meditation focuses your attention on your thoughts, actions, and present moments non-judgmentally. It does not encourage evaluating or thinking about your past actions and neither does it take your thoughts to the uncertain future. Mindfulness Meditation helps and trains you mind from getting distracted by outside disturbances to better enable you to focus your thoughts and relax your mind.

What are the Advantages of Mindfulness Meditation?

The most common reason why people start to Meditate is that they want to feel fitter, happier and more energetic. In the past few decades’ research has been conducted into the health benefits in over 300 universities, hospitals and research centres in over 50 countries. Over 1,000 scientific articles and research reports have been published in over 175 scientific magazines. In fact it is hard to believe that after so many positive results the ordinary media have not paid far more attention to Meditation. Only now, after 30 years, more and more people and doctors begin to appreciate and to experience the advantages of Meditating.

The Mental Advantages of Meditation

  • Increased capacity to learn and better learning achievements
  • Increased ability to solve problems
  • Strong increase in productivity
  • A stronger feeling of happiness and contentment
  • Anxiety and stress decrease
  • Stronger creativity
  • Learning to accept, not judging, and acting less reactively often solve many problem situations
  • Feelings of depression and anxious thinking decrease
  • Meditating strengthens people's self confidence
  • Meditating teaches people to stop always behaving in the same way
  • Meditation strengthens the feeling of self realisation
  • Feelings of irritation and mood swings decrease

Effect of Meditation on our brain.

EEC- theta waves, delta waves and alpha waves become more active and beta waves (associated with active thinking) decrease

The left and the right brain halves start to cooperate better.

The activity in the front cortex and the parietal lobe decreases.

Physical advantages of Meditating

  • It stabilises the autonomous nervous system
  • It reduces the heart beat
  • It reduces the speed of breathing
  • Blood pressure drops drastically
  • The Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) increases
  • EMG activity increases
  • Cardiovascular affectivity goes up
  • The skin receives more blood
  • Stomach function and bowel function improve
  • The endocrine function is heightened
  • Muscle flexibility increases
  • The intake of oxygen increases
  • Mobility and flexibility increase
  • The hand-eye co-ordination increases
  • Reaction-speed increases
  • Body posture is improved
  • Strength and resistance increase
  • Stamina increases
  • There is a heightened energy level and vitality
  • The ability to sleep increases and the time people need to fall asleep decreases
  • Depth perception increases
  • There is a heightened degree of relaxation
  • The production of serotonin increases
  • Menstruation pain may decrease

Spiritual advantages of Meditating

  • It strengthens people's contact with subconscious feelings and thoughts
  • It strengthens the feeling of closeness to nature and to your surroundings and lessens the feeling of duality (separation)
  • You get into a closer contact with your true personality, capacities, creativity and possibilities
  • It makes you more awake and it gives you more inner strength
  • It increases your inner peace and calmness, it gives you freedom and independence
  • Your experiences are deeper and more intense
  • It makes your thoughts clearer and more orderly
  • It increases your self confidence
  • Meditating means developing your personality from within instead of from outside to inside
  • You experience colours, tastes, and sounds more intensely and you experience life more consciously
  • You are more open to new experiences and people
  • It strengthens your ability to control your emotions
  • It gets you into closer contact with your natural intuition
  • It develops sincere feelings of compassion, gratitude and love for everything that exists 

Who Teaches the Meditation Class? 

Daniel is experienced in the practice of meditation and can teach meditation techniques to clients, enabling them to use their mind to change and benefit themselves, and address their emotional issues.  He aims to help you to develop unconditional acceptance of yourself and others, based on the understanding that the physical complaints of a client may be affected by your emotional, mental and spiritual balance.  His approach enables you to experience healing at a deeper, more profound level.

  Daniel Cerny BlackburnDaniel Cerny is Vitalchi’s Meditation Facilitator. Call the clinic on 9894 0014 for bookings or
make an appointment online.