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Carina Stewart Hypnotherapist

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Stop smoking ,Weight loss, Manage  stress / depression, Relaxation, Fears & Phobias, Pregnancy, improve confidence, past life regression therapy and much more.

Hi my name is  Carina Stewart and l am a fully qualified hypnotherapist. I studied at the Academy of hypnotic science (the ONLY Victorian-based provider of fully accredited Clinical Hypnotherapy training). I am also a member of the Australian hypnotherapy association of Australia.

Hypnotherapy is best described as a guided daydream and is very safe and effective. During hypnosis, the therapist helps the patient to enter a deep state of relaxation. During this relaxed state, therapeutic goals can be undertaken, such as treating phobias, exploring emotions, and altering bad thought patterns. In order for permanent change to occur we must be motivated to change at a deep subconscious level and this is why hypnotherapy is so powerful in assisting us to make the changes we desire.

"To create a shared vision that assists my clients to become the change they want to be, so they can enjoy their life without fears & limitations and appreciate how incredible they actually are, believing anything is possible!"

Medical Rebates Available

Special Interests:


  • AHA (Australian Hypnotherapy Association)