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When you are experiencing aches and pain in your spine, it is necessary to seek out chiropractic care as soon as possible, to avoid the problems getting worse. No matter how the pain arose – due to direct injury to the site, or as a result of poor posture during daily tasks – our chiropractors are able to design a plan that suits your unique needs, to help you live without pain.

What does a chiropractor treat?

Book an appointment if you have any of the below symptoms:

  • Uneven shoulder heights
  • Persistent headaches or fuzziness
  • Chronic back pain
  • Reduced range of motion in your head, neck, shoulders and arms
  • General pain in your back or shoulders

Our chiropractor team handles everything from the cause itself to the symptoms of your pain

Some chiropractors just treat the symptoms of the problem, without delving deep into the underlying cause. This may stop the pain for a little while, but does nothing to treat the pain over an extended period of time.

At Melbourne Wellness, we are committed to treating the reason for your pain and to developing an easy-to-follow plan for rehabilitation. Our chiropractors have extensive training in the field and are able to provide a treatment that is suited to your unique needs.

Not only do we provide superior service in the clinic itself, but we assign you a series of exercises to complete in your own home to ensure your efficient recovery. Designed to complement the in-clinic treatment, the exercises can be completed with little-to-no equipment or expertise.

We will see you on the way to less pain, freer movement and a more energetic way of life.

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Dedicated to your needs, we will endeavor to provide you an appointment that suits your busy schedule. Contact us for information on our operating hours and to request a booking with your preferred practitioner in Box Hill.

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