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Children's Health Services

Chiropractic for Children
Chiropractic is a safe and natural way to ensure that your child has a healthy nervous system, free of interference and with a full range of motion. Gentle and effective in providing increased movement, alertness and pain relief... continue
Chiropractic for Babies
Nerve dysfunction associated with birth trauma may result in breathing weakness, mood irritability, digestive disorders, difficulty with feeding and attachment, sleeping problems, immunity deficits and...continue
Child Behavioural Problems
Many children currently struggle and face daily challenges with their behaviour. Children as young as 4 and 5 battle with opposing mental, emotional and physical forces driving them to behave in destructive and uncon... continue

Childhood Learning Disorders
Learning disorders may present in a number of ways: Clumsy with ball activities, Poor penmanship,  Speech difficulties,   Poor posture, Non hand preference, Balance issues, or Inattention.  These may all be linked with the central nervous system and...  continue
Ear Infections
Ear infections are one of the most common reasons that parents take their children to visit the doctor.There are different types of ear infections, however the most common is otitis media, meaning inflammation and infection of the middle ear.  This can be acute or chronic... continue
Kinesiology for Children
Muscle testing is a gentle and fast tool used in Kinesiology to determine the needs and stresses in your child’s life. Kinesiology utilises muscle testing as a bio-feedback system and subtle techniques to release emotions, stresses and confusion from your child’s system...continue
Childhood Nutrition
Have you ever wondered if youʼre meeting the nutritional needs of your children?  Do they have some health issues or concentration, learning or behavioural issues that you think may be linked to diet or food sensitivities... continue
Child Asthma
Asthma is one of the most common chronic diseases of childhood, effecting approximately one in four primary school children in Australia and over 6 million children worldwide. 
In children, asthma as is the leading cause of emergency hospitalisation and ... continue
Posture Control Insoles
Correct posture and gait are vitally important for children during development. Establishing a healthy alignment, enables a stable secure base. Unlike some orthotics, Posture Control Insoles are affordable and...  continue