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Child Neck and Back Pain

 Neck and back pain in children is all too common and can be caused from a variety of conditions.  If not treated correctly it can lead to long term issues and complaints for your child...
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Child Back Pain

Neck and Back Pain in Children

Neck pain, headaches, back pain and growing pains are some of the common complaints a child may have. From learning to walk, to playing football at school, these physical stressors put the spine and nervous system under strain.

Common Causes of Back Pain in Children

The birth process can be where our first misalignment of the spine occurs.  Studies show that approximately 80% of newborns had some form of nerve dysfunction.  Your child will also endure general knocks and falls as they grow and develop; on average, a child before the age of seven will fall about 2500 times!  Repetitive or prolonged postures while watching television and playing on the computer can also impact a developing spine.

Spine Development Period

As the bones of the spine do not fully fuse until 25 years old, it is during these formative years of childhood that the foundations for spinal development are established. If the spine is unbalanced, unstable and does not move correctly it increases the probability of degenerative changes that are seen in adults.

Spinal Misalignments

Spinal misalignments (subluxations) result in nerve interference/irritation and joint swelling. The objective of a chiropractic adjustment is to restore proper spinal motion and alignment, remove interference/irritation to the spinal nerves while reducing joint swelling.  When subluxations are not addressed, curvatures of the spine may develop (scoliosis) as a child’s body continues to grow.
Alterations to the natural curves of the spine can then become permanent, leading to degenerative conditions later in life.

Safe and Effective Care

Chiropractic care is shown to be safe and effective in reducing back pain in children, it is also known to increase the general health and performance of children with or without spinal pain.

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